Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim What's *YOUR* Character Build?!

zylice posted on Jan 26, 2013 at 10:30AM
I play a stealthy, Assassin-Mage! So I wear: Shouded DB Armor, Thieves Guild Armor, Nightingale Armor, Savior's Hide, Ebony Mail, Cicero's Clothes & Master Mage Robes!!! ;DDD

Weapons: Daedric Daggers & 2X Daedric Swords of Inferno & Vampire, Blade Of Woe, Daedric Bow (145ish) damage!)

Accessories: Ring of Peerless Archery, Ring of Peerless Sneaking, Necklace Of Peerless Sneaking, Ring of Eminent Illusion, Ring Of Peerless Destruction, Circlet Of Peerless Destruction, Circlet Of Peerless Archery, Daedric Gauntlets Of Peerless Archery, Ring Of Waterbreathing, Necklace Of Peerless Destruction. (+heaps more similar to these including Peerless Alchemy stuff);P

Spells: Destruction, Illusion, Conjuration, Restoration.

Standing Stones: Lord, Atronach, Apprentice, Lady, Shadow, Steed.

Powers: Voice Of The Emperor, Werewolf Form, Spectral Assassin, Nightingale Blessings, Invisibility (Shadow Stone)

Permanent Buffs: (all in-game)

Race: Imperial Mage-Assassin!

Factions: Dark Brotherhood, College Of Winterhold, Companions, Thieves Guild.

Character Name: Žÿłįćë

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