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posted by kiara0021
It was ten AM on a Monday morning, another boring High School day, another boring English class I was currently stuck in.

My freaking English teacher had decided it would be a good idea to give us an assignment where we had to describe whichever classmate who name was on the slip of paper that we pulled out of a hat.

You know, it wouldn't of been so bad, having to describe someone like my best friend, Geoff. Because आप could describe him in two very simple words. Party Animal.

But the name I drew out of the hat, was probably the one person on this earth, that I just couldn't describe.

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posted by DXCLOVER97
I was watching Duncan and Gwen चुंबन like there was no tomorrow.
How could he do this to me? After ALL I did for him?? "Hey Court."
I turned around to see Bridgette. "It's time for आप to sing your song."
I looked at the couple I hated. "I got a song." I went on the stage and
picked up the mic. The संगीत started to play.

You told me on a Sunday
That it wasn't gonna work
I tried to cry myself to sleep
'Cause it was supposed to hurt
We sat अगला to the fire
As the flame was burning out
I knew what आप were thinking
Before you'd say it aloud

Don't say your sorry, 'cause I'm not even breaking
You're not worth...
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posted by XxKurusakitoXx
"Hey Princess!" Duncan who was in the bathroom getting ready, tonight he was taking Courtney to a party.
"What?" She yelled back from his living room, "Can आप bring me my clothes? I left them on my bed!" He yelled once again and it made her roll her eyes,
"Seriously? How forgetful are you..." Courtney sighs as she gets up and goes into his room.

In his room were pictures of his प्रिय rock bands,
pictures of his family and pictures of him and Courtney. She looked onto his बिस्तर and grabbed the clothes he had stacked to wear.
She walked toward the door and knocked, "I'm leaving your clothes by...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
Courtney POV
I still couldn't believe I agreed to this, sure, I know we're a band(THe Princess and the Devils) and all but come on.
I had to sing on stage at one of Geoff's wild parties, with him playing drums, Trent playing बास and Roxi on electic guitar. I had to get a makeover द्वारा Gwen, which wasn't so bad. Laern a lot of rock and punk songs.
Roxi: आप ready to rouck out!
Courtney: As ready as I'll ever be.
I got on stage the light lit up, I could see everyone, including Duncan who was द्वारा the bar. Didn't see me, thank the lord, but he will.
Geoff: One(taping his sticks together)a two, a one two...
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Beauty and the Beast song
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