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posted by MissieMidget
A/U: I am aware of all the several amounts of DBZ high school stories there are however, I like to add my own flavor to the mix so I hope आप enjoy in spite of all that. This was made for an लेखक I adore and hopefully he/she likes it. Natalya आप may want to look into her awesome stories, If you're a याओइ प्रशंसक that is. She gave me a good slice of सलाह that allowed me to write this story for all of आप so if आप don't review for me at least do it for her/him. प्यार Missy Madness.

Title: Welcome to the Jungle Chapter 1: Hell's Gift - High School.

Rated: T

Summary: Vegeta, Bulma, Goku, Krillin,...
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posted by rileyferguson
Even though I have done a lot of fanfics, this is the first one I've ever पोस्टेड on Fanpop. Please द्वारा nice to this and enjoy!

Vegeta was bored. He was watching the Big Bang Theory to kill his boredom. That was until Bulma came in.
"Vegeta!" yelled Bulma "What Woman?!" yelled Vegeta "I'm going out all night with the ladies and I won't be back until 3:00" कहा Bulma "So, can आप please behave?" "Yes I will be fine Woman" कहा Vegeta "Good, now goodbye" कहा Bulma sternly.

Vegeta waited for Bulma to leave then he called Goku. "Hey Kakarot, I'm throwing a party. Invite the guys and bring your kids...
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