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Chapter 2

“Wow! Trunks!” screamed Gohan running toward the young man. Suddenly Trunks eyes went directly to Chichi. His blue eyes turned huge! He started shaking! “What?” he asked in his mind. “Don’t tell me!…Don’t tell me that’s Goku’s wife!” he cried. Chichi walked toward him. She studied Trunks face.
“Have… we….. Ment?” she asked still thinking. Everyone blinked confessed. They have meet? Trunks blushed hard. Gohan studied Trunks with a frown. Trunks rubbed the back of his hair.
“I, I believe आप are mistaking me with someone else ma’am” Trunks answered...
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100 years into the future after the defeat of Majin Buu, and the earth is in peace. The world has been on a slow and long road to recovry from near destruction at the hands of the legendary Majin Buu, but with technology advancing leaps and bounds, and the official acceptance of the Saiyan race on earth, everyone eventually moved on from that devastating time. However, in this era of peace, an evil that even गोकु only managed to scratch the surface of has returned from the far reaches of the universe.

This evil, that has been hiding itself away for the last 150 years, is possibly the strongest...
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posted by Krillin18
Maybe I shouldnt have played tag with Marron so long. या sparred with Gohan before that. या even have ran from Juuhachigou as she screamed at me for have using up all her shampoo. Cuz maybe it wouldnt have amounted up to the situation I was in now. An embarressing situation. It had happend like this: I had been at the park with Marron. It had been an average, sunny afternoon, there was no one else at the park so we had for ourselves, and Juuhachigou was at the Kame House, not giving me grief. Life was going fine. I'd even bought Marron an ice cream cone. Strawberry. Her favorite. And the two...
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posted by ZEQ2LITE
Dear DBZ fans,

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The official release will be this year. Be there. Come now, DBZ प्रशंसकों UNITE !

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posted by rileyferguson
Summary: Vegeta decides to play a fun prank on people द्वारा disguising as Slender! He does get some people killed though and Bulma does not know about it yet..... (This takes place after the Majin Buu Saga)

It was another boring evening at Capsule Corp. Trunks was in bed, Vegeta was watching TV and Bulma was busy in the lab. Vegeta decided to go out for a bit. He turned off the TV and went down to the lab.

“Woman?” grumbled Vegeta.

“Yes Vegeta, what is it?” asked Bulma

“I am going out for a bit because I am very bored” कहा Vegeta.

“Ok then, try not to get hurt” Bulma than went...
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(This is after the buu saga, so that means no Uub, no Pan, everyone is the same age they were before that)
A giant ship is seen flying from the explosion and the camera cuts to the aliens inside it. आप could see some fighting, some weightlifting others meditating and few looking out the window. In the control room there were a few chatting
"What a boring planet"one said
"I know right, not worth our time"
"Well what are we gonna do ? The last good one we had was 15 planets ago"
"Next destination is Earth"
"Earth ? That sounds boring!"
"Whatever, we're just going to what's closest"...
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 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
Unpopular opinion. I do not hate Dragon Ball GT. If आप think about it this way. Everyone and everything that happened in GT is canon to what happens after DBS story line wise. Cause everyone gets much older. And गोकु is no longer around. Except for his great,so many greats Grandson गोकु Jr. Now to add fuel to the Fire. I do like Dragon Ball Super,but at least GT gave us epic transformations. Not just hair recolors. If आप bash me for liking GT, than shows आप have no sign of respect for others opinions. Weather the opinion is crap या not. I hate when people have a negative opinion. And they spread it around like it's a fact. Which it is not. Than others believe it cause of word of mouth. Instead of trying to figure it out for themselves. People these days that hate something just cause someone else does needs to actually grow the heck up. And try things for themselves. Instead of letting public opinion influence there own opinion. That is what i do. And other people should do as well.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
posted by ncfwhitetigress
Synopsis: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. गोकु has been sent to find that someone. Warnings: Violence, G/V yaoi, BDSM, and language in later chapters.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

"Where is he, Vegeta?" गोकु charged. His nemesis stood not और than twenty feet away, clad in regal garments and with an air of arrogant nobility about him. The larger warrior tightened his muscles until the veins in his arms looked ready to burst.

"What are आप talking about, Kakarott?” inquired the royal. “What the hell are आप doing here?" The guards protectively...
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Chapter 12
Chichi carried Goten to his crib. Goten slowly took in breaths. Chichi looked away in pain. She closed her eyes, and all she could see is Goku’s smile. She remembered how happy he would always be. She remembered how गोकु was always close to Gohan. She… she remembered how close… गोकु was to her. She approached her room. The बिस्तर was empty. She stood at Goku’s side of the बिस्तर then collapsed. Tears, sad broken angry upset tears ran down from her eyes. She could not stop her tears. Suddenly she felt a hand, a soft nice hand on her hand. She quickly glanced up, and there holding...
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The time has come…Goten calmly pulled his boots up. He nervously stood in front of his door. His hand tried to turn the knob…but he could not. He was afraid…terrified to open the door. He closed his eyes, and opened the door. Gohan’s door knob opened. Gotten glanced at his brother. He was wearing Piccolo’s purple outfit…but not using a white cape. Goten also noticed that Gohan was a Super saiyan.
“Are आप ready buddy?” asked Gohan, looking saddly down at Goten. Goten’s eyes shaked, and watered.
“No…im not.” Goten answered. Gohan beggan to saddly grin.
“Always the...
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“Okay…mom! Lets continue! Comeon Gohan! We have no time for this. We are running out of time!” Chichi and Gohan stared at each other.
“Lets go, lets go. No और talking, no और complaining. Its time to fight!” yelled Chichi. Goten nervously swallowed, and nodded up and down. Gohan with excitement raced across the land. “All right Goten” Chichi कहा squatting into a squatting position. “Don’t think…just attack me…just attack. I don’t care if आप have no idea on what to do. Just try!”
Goten’s दिल suddenly raced, and with ought thinking…he attacked. Chichi was...
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“Krillin!” yelled Gohan. They all have arrived at this place. “Come on, want to practice with us?” Krillin looked up to the sky confussed.
“Someone called me?” he asked looking all around him.
“Up here!” yelled Chichi. Goten just laughed Krillin looked up, then let out a grin.
“Practice time?” he asked with a giggle.
“Practice time” yelled back Gohan. Krillin grinned. The three of them blasted deep in the clouds.
गोकु sensed them, and let out a evil smerk. “Its about time…”
“Hiya!” screamed Gohan giving fast fists toward Krillin.
“Come on Gohan! आप can do...
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To all DBZ प्रशंसकों out there, chances are आप are going to insult me and hate me now, and while I really wish आप could just agree to disagree, या better yet just consider me being write, I’m doubting most of आप will, so I’ll just drop my bomb now.
I hate Dragon Ball Z.
I hate that it’s anime
I hate that it’s like… half hentai (I’ve seen the clips, so don’t tell me it isn’t)
And I hate that people won’t stop saying that Sonic ripped it off.

So I’m sorry for offending anyone in any way ahead of time.

But this video is not driven द्वारा my hate for the show, so please note that. I am...
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I do not own this fanfic. Someone made this story on Fanfiction.Net and I really wanted to post it here.

A बादल of dust brushes against the innocent, grassy terrain beneath the feet of the two warriors. Silence falls in-between the deadly gaze of one, and the excited gaze of another. Both of the proud beings had a thousand words to say to the other, but all they could do was smile. They've been waiting for this moment all of their lives, and nothing could get in their way.

"It's time to find out which one of us is the true Saiyan Elite, Kakarot," Vegeta scowled as the स्पैन्डेक्स, स्पानडेक्स of his gloves rubbed...
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posted by devanshu
3 years from now i had written an लेख on "why dragon ball z should be sent to oscars?", i was only 15 back then, i was a kid, unaware of other wonderful animes out there, unaware of the other things that that supposedly are और deserving than Dragon ball series, but.... ummm... after studying all of them, including wonderful movies, oscar winning titles, now, i am 18, an adult, going for studies on theoretical physics, and i still strongly hold my opinion, "dragon ball series, is-the-best-period". there is no other thing in the world better than the dragon ball series, NOTHING!!! what...
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Well, here we go! The match between Piccolo and Shin (which is basically like it was in DBZ), and some things about Richezz are revealed!:D Happy reading! ^_^

Part 2: Mysterious Foe

"Ladies and gentleman! It's time for our अगला match!" The announcer shouted, getting the crowd all fired up as Piccolo (Majunior) and Shin faced each other. "And . . . BEGIN!!"

But both fighters simply stood there, not even slipping into fighting stances. Piccolo was trying to figure out just who this Shin was द्वारा using his psychic powers to try and dig through his mind.

Ryoko briefly felt a disturbance, not as keen...
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posted by ssjvegeta
I'm sure most of आप know about the newest DBZ game coming out in the fall of 2010 I would like to see some changes from the first raging blast for example और CHACTORS such as कूलर King Cold Salza Turles Ultimate Gohan and Nail. I'd also like to see fictionl transfomations like Super Saiyan Bardock Super Saiyan Raditz Super Saiyan Nappa 5th form Frieza and they should bring back Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta and Broly and the game should cover और Dragon Ball and GT not just Z like the first game it needs और stages and और story mode adjustments now this is just my opinion leave your ideas in the comments
posted by saiyajin1
The story starts on Kami's lookout, where आप see गोकु and Vegeta talking.

Vegeta: Forget it Kakarot!!!!! Fusion is not happening again!!!! There is no reason for it, so why bother?

Goku: Vegeta, an enemy that we don't even know about could be on their way या already here that is much stronger than us, so we need to get stronger द्वारा any means, and training while in fusion will help us.

Vegeta: It was bad enough against Buu, against that ugly freak we fought in hell, and Omega Shenron!!! There is no reason for us to fuse anymore. There is nothing या no one on this planet who can cause us a threat....
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Chapter 9

“Blood?…Chichi! Oh no!” shouted गोकु running out the door. He could not even think straight I mean he could use his transmission…but he could not just think straight right now.
“Did आप call an emergency?!” screamed Trunks asking his mother in a shivering tone.
“Yes! Yes! Of course I did!” Vegeta came running out the building. All of sudden, they all heard a loud cry. A huge truck came raining down fast with sirens going louder than a lions roar. Doctors quickly carried chichi on a wheeling bed, carring her in the van. The वैन, वान began to run but gohan quickly jumped...
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Chapter 11
Gohan dropped himself on his knees in pain. Krillin covered his face in sadness. Chichi sat down on a chair. Gohan cupped his hands into hard, tight fists.
“This is all Trunks fault! Its all his fault!” screamed Gohan upset.
“No its not!” screamed Krillin. Gohan paused with his sobbing and stared at Krillin. “Trunks कहा that he will create the cure wenever गोकु is completely evil! Now is the good time to tell him!”
“Its not true! No fare! Where did he go?!” screamed Gohan.
“I know…” chichi said. “I know where he went. Can’t आप see the spirit knows that...
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