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Since Bulma is the first winner of Dragon Ball link, I decided to dedicate an लेख especially to her. Bulma is surely the Dragon Ball character who changed her hairstyle most frequently and probably the most known ऐनीमे girl for this peculiarity. The लेख will be divided in two parts: the first one will illustrate hairstyles from Dragon Ball, the सेकंड one from Dragon Ball Z (included future's hairstyles) and Dragon Ball GT. link.

#10. Short (climbed)

Saiyan Saga, Movie: Dead Zone.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Bulma's hair are short again. This time the bangs is put laterally...
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As आप can notice, this is an लेख about 5 female characters I प्यार the most in Dragon Ball. I always प्यार characters who have something in their personality that I have too, so I wanna explain why I प्यार them या I relate to them.

5. Launch
I think she's one of the most particular characters ever made! I can't remember another ऐनीमे where a character changes his/her personality each time he/she sneezes: simply unique. I प्यार the easy way Launch changes her personalities. It reminds me myself because I'm a really lunatic girl: I'm happy, but I can change my mood in a minute, becoming aggressive!...
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Before I start my countdown about my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 of Dragon Ball most beautiful girls, I want to mention the other 10 girls I was very close to include, so they make my चोटी, शीर्ष 20.

11.Blonde Launch
12.Western Supreme Kai/Nishi no Kaioshin
13.Human Mamba
15.Vegeta Jr.'s mother
16.The Mermaid
18.Blue-haired Launch

 Positions #11 - 20
Positions #11 - 20

Now, go with the चोटी, शीर्ष 10 countdown!

10.Colonel Violet
Even she appears for a few episodes, in my opinion she proves she has a great charisma with her bearing. She doesn't wear ladies' clothes because she's a soldier and this is a black mark...
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Funny AMV about Marron x Trunks x Android 18 द्वारा gohanandgotenlover09 from Youtube.
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