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The tenth track of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog's Commentary: The Musical, That's Me. Main Part द्वारा Maurissa Tancharoen.
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the musical
maurissa tancharoen
nobody's asian in the फिल्में
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 Frame which flickers during the "FBI" to "ELE" warning transition. Bad Horse and three eggs? Hm, curious...
Frame which flickers during the "FBI" to "ELE" warning transition. Bad Horse and three eggs? Hm, curious...
Greetings! Now that Dr. Horrible is so busy with the Evil League of Evil, he has दिया his assistant (that's me!) the job of answering सवालों about the Easter Eggs located on the DVD of his blog. Before we continue on, be warned that this लेख will contain a different type of SPOILERS! So if आप want to figure these eggs out on your own, CONTINUE NO FURTHER! Also, these are not your average hidden features. To access these special horrible-rific hidden features, आप will actually have to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts. It seems that the Powers That Be really want आप to dig deep to find...
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song laundry day, with the clip from act I
dr. horrible's sing-along blog
act i
  "You do?" they asked in unison.
Lexii nodded eagerly. She looked at the बंदर, लेमूर wearing the labcoat and smiled. "You're Dr Horrible!!! I watch your blog all the time!!!!! And you!" she looked at the बंदर, लेमूर wearing the blue shirt, "You're Captain Hammer!!!!!! Oh my gosh! I cant belive I'm acctually meeting आप two!!!!!" she jumped up and down fan-girling. 
   "Yeah great. Uh help?" Dr Horrible choked out as he tries to pry Captain Hammer's fingers off his throat. 
   Captain Hammer scoffed. "Like SHE can stop me! I run the दिखाना here. I'm Captain Hammer and the hammer is my... OW OW!!" Lexii...
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Dr Horrible stared at Penny. She looked very much alive. She was hooked up to a दिल moniter and an IV and she had a copy of Gone With The Wind laying in her lap. She was still smiling at him with the same sweet smile she had before it happened.
Part of Dr Horrible wanted to run out the door and go lock himself in the janitors closet. But the other part of him was about to burst from the happiness he felt right now. "P-penny." He stuttered as he hobbled into her room and shut the door, almost smashing his finger.
He looked different to Penny. He looked as if he had aged about ten years....
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Many of आप may not be familiar with Danny Chaimson, an up and coming artist, but आप have heard his संगीत before. That's because Danny Chaimson played पियानो on the Doctor Horrible soundtrack, and now he's moving on to an exciting new venture - releasing his band's debut album.

Check out this review of the album, and then listen to some of their संगीत at their MySpace (link) :

"'Young Blood, Old Soul', the accurately titled debut album from emerging writer/singer/musician Danny Chaimson and the scintillating band he’s dubbed the 11th Hour, is both a booty-shaker and an eye-opener. Although...
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What this considered a date? They were just walking in the park but they were walking together. Dr Horrible stood infront of the small mirror, trying for the first time in weeks to run a comb through his terribly matted hair. He ended up getting it stuck in the back of his head and hopping around trying to get it free.
There was a knock at the door just as Dr Horrible was beginning to contemplate shaving his head. Moist struggled with the door knob then burst into the room
He laughed at him quietly as he tugged at the comb. "Aww Doc." Moist कहा as he went over to help. The two finally freed...
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Dr Horrible sped down 17th avenue and raced around the corner. He cut off some guy in a Honda CRV resulting in some colorful language being shouted out of the windows.
"S-sorry, sorry..." He mumbled quietly as he sped through a yellow light and almost skidded into a telephone pole.
Moist sat in the passenger side with a death grip on the handle mounted to the roof of the small silver car.
"Geez man! Slow down! If we die आप won't ever get to see her!" He yelled as he frantically fastened his seatbelt.
Dr Horrible just drove faster towards the St Peters Hospital. Apparently Penny was alive!...
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Dr Horrible sat in his oversized chair with his lab कोट undone, running his finger over the armrest. If he rubbed it one way, it felt scratchy, and when he rubbed it the other way, it felt smooth. It wasn't a very interesting thing but it kept his mind off of..... what had happened a few weeks ago.
Recently he'd switched out his blood red lab कोट for his old white one. He liked that one better. The buttons wernt so tight around his neck.
Billy was gone too. Dr Horrible couldn't go back to ever being him after what happened. The main reason he put on that act was so he could get closer...
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  (Authors note: this story takes place before Penny died. I thought of this when I turned one of my own shirts गुलाबी the other day! Lol! Hope आप enjoy! :3 :3 )

    Dr Horrible (disguised as Billy) carried his basket of dirty clothes to the washing machine that was only three away from Penny's. He watched her as she threw the last of her clothes into the wash. She gently shut the lid and deposited several coins into the slot. The washing machine clattered to life as Penny walked to a nearby dryer and took out some clothes to fold. 
      Dr Horrible smiled and started to throw his own...
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*in the shipping van/ left zoo 3hrs ago*

   Captain Hammer pranced around the वैन, वान गाना "Everyone's a hero". It really got annoying after the 14th time. All the जानवर were sprawled out around the वैन, वान with their paws/flippers over their ears, wishing they could be with skipper in the sound proof drivers cab. 
   Lexii turned to Dr Horrible "Does he HAVE an off switch?!?" she asked with bloodshot eyes. He shook his head and pressed his paws tighter over his ears. 
 Lexii nudged Rico with her elbow. "Got anything to make him SHUT UP?" she asked. Rico thought for a moment, smiled and nodded,...
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  "So let me get this straight. आप both got turned into LEMURS from a MOUSE-ray-thing?" Kowalski asked Dr Horrible as he cleaned out his test tubes. 
  Dr Horrible nodded. "I need a quadrupal-D battery, a spring-loaded finger nail file, and 3 ounces of high-acidic mustard to fix the Mouserizer. That is the only way i can turn us human again. Do आप think आप might have any of that?" 
   Kowalski dug through his cabinets for a few मिनटों then shook his head. "Fresh out of.. everything आप just said..." he कहा he observed Captain Hamner looking at his tail like he had just noticed it...
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The बंदर, लेमूर raced through Central Park having to push his goggles up every few seconds. "Man, this thing is heavy.." he groaned as he struggled to keep hold of the newest invention. He heard footsteps and heavy breathing behind him somewhere. 
    He stopped as he came to a brick fence. He threw his invention over the दीवार and struggled to climb ontop of it. The footsteps got closer just as he tripped over his tail and fell on the other side of the wall.
   Lexii was enjoying the beautiful दिन and walking around the zoo. She was द्वारा the north दीवार when something hard hit her in the head....
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Penny sat in the recliner with her hands holding her head. Billy has just told her everything. She couldn't bring herself to believe any of it.
"So you're Dr Horrible..." She कहा softly.
Billy nodded even though it wasn't a question. How could he be so stupid. He had just gotten her back and now he was losing her all over again.
"All those TV reports, and the newspaper articles, and the stories about the fights with Captain Hammer. That was आप the whole time...." She looked up at him with an unreadable expression.
He swallowed and nodded again then looked away.
"You were the one who...
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"Shouldn't we be doing this INDOORS?" complains Skipper, as i get him fitted for his Captain Hammer costume (courtesy of www.drhorrible.com)

"Oh please! What's a little bit of cold gonna do to you?" I ask as he slips the कमीज, शर्ट over his head.

"Not much, unless you're wearing nothing but a t कमीज, शर्ट and jeans." he grumbles

"it's the middle of October! And besides, thanks to Kowalski, आप guys wouldn't even be "humanized" if it wasn't for his research on genetics!"

"True, I like having fingers.but why did आप decide to do this to us?"

"it would be really awkward doing some of the scenes with आप guys...
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