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It all started when I was nine when I लॉस्ट my mother.I was with my pal Teresa just before this happend,suddenly the water was rising finally I heard the yealping of my Mom I couldn't भालू to just watch this moment I हंस up to the surface.The ह्वेल, व्हेल hunters were after me all I heard was"Sweatie go on w-''just before she finished the last sentince one of the sailor screamed"Get that little Ninja!''
From that दिन on I was named Ninja.
I also got adopted द्वारा stupid humans who put me with this very annoying Walrus named Walra now आप humans prepare to be meet a Walra invasion.

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One day, In 1979, soon या later, something happened. This is how I लॉस्ट my tail. I performed trick at Coney Island, New York. Way before Dr blowhole performed the Ring of Fire. I had to perform a highly dangerous trick. I had to jump through 3 hoops of fire, In a pool of sharks.
Trainer: Come on, आप retarded dolphin.
Me: Yeah right.
Other trainer: This डॉल्फिन is only 10. He shouldnt be jumping through these hoops at this time, he's young.
Trainer: What do आप know about dolphins?
Me: *What do YOU!?*
Other trainer: FINE. I was just thinking that Jack (Me) is too young to perform this dangerous...
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This song is to say that I had the time of my life with my प्रिय dolphin! Thanks Dr Blowhole. For Everything. :*)
dr blowhole
thank आप
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15th February 2007

Blowhole was washed up to a समुद्र तट of America. He woke up in pain. He tried to look through his right eye, but he couldn't see any thing. His right eye was blinded. He couldn’t get up and he couldn’t हटाइए a muscle. He had a head ach and he was very sick. Then a few fishermen came over, they held him up द्वारा his tale and said, " This pretty डॉल्फिन will be worth a few bucks wouldn't it!" Then the other fishermen कहा " But look at its eye, shouldn't we do some thing?" "No we don't have to, let nature take its course. I mean a डॉल्फिन just washed up in New York City!" They...
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