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So, just to say, this लेख is not mine, all the credit goes to MarlyK from Basket of Kisses here:

Mathew Crawley and his Mum, Isobel, ride in one of those gorgeous cars that had to be hand-cranked. Matthew looks cranky. He is. You, too, would be in a foul mood if you’d been told आप were about to inherit a beautiful castle, a large fortune, a title, and a household of servants to wait on आप hand and foot. Isobel, his momma, chides him, “There’s no legal mechanism for आप to refuse it. When आप inherit, आप can throw it away!” What else is an inheritance for, anyway?
Things get...
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I'm a huge प्रशंसक of Downton Abbey much like others on this site. My cousin in Australia is also raving about it too where its appaerntly a huge hit. I so fell in प्यार with the characters and places that I wanted to visit where they filmed it so I did a bit of googling and found आप can do a tour. Without further ado I booked myself on this link which I can highly recommend as it goes to Downton Village and then finishes up at Highclere गढ़, महल where they film the main scenes above stairs. So go on treat yourself like we did and see where its all filmed.
"DOWNTON ABBEY" – Series Three (2012) Retrospective

It took me a while to get around watching Series Three of "DOWNTON ABBEY". I had been inclined to watch it, while it aired on PBS last winter. But in the end, I decided to wait until the DVD release was offered through Netflix.

I suspect that some of my reluctance to watch the show's Series Three could be traced to my major disappointment over the lackluster Series Two. In fact, a part of me is amazed that the series' shoddy look at World War I could end up with an Emmy nomination for Best Drama. But I figured that series creator, Julian...
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posted by FlightofFantasy
Another great लेख I found on tumblr, this time द्वारा ladychauffeurs. I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. I just thought it was excellent, so I पोस्टेड it to the Branson and Sybil spot, but I felt I should post it here, too. That way the people who don't like Sybil/Branson या Branson (to whom this लेख is addressed), who are unlikely to go on the Branson and Sybil spot, have a chance to read it, too.

I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. All credit goes to ladychauffeurs@tumblr.


“You’re too scared to admit it… but you’re in प्यार with me.”

First things...
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I saw this brilliant लेख द्वारा GreenKneeHighs@tumblr, and I पोस्टेड it to the Branson and Sybil spot, but I felt I should post it here, too, because I figure most Sybil/Branson प्रशंसकों are also प्रशंसकों of Branson, so would support this लेख without question, when the people who really NEED to read this are those Downton Abbey प्रशंसकों who don't like Sybil/Branson या Branson. I think this लेख really puts into perspective some of the टिप्पणियाँ Branson has made that have proved unpopular with the fandom.

Once again, I DID NOT write this article; all credit goes to GreenKneeHighs@tumblr.

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posted by deedragongirl
 Season 1 cast?
Season 1 cast?
Since this is my first लेख on this periodical drama, I will write down the reasons on why I प्यार Downton Abbey.

Interesting Story

I only watch bits of the series, but I hope to watch it from season 1. From what I heard, the story is very interesting and it is not like any drama that I had seen, may it be modern या period drama.

Lovely Costumes

I प्यार periodical costumes, especially in Europe. I was very familiar with Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple, so I have no single problem with this drama!

The British Cast

Although I did not watch season 3 onward, but when I watch the 2015 डिज़्नी reboot of Cinderella. I found out that Lily James was also from this drama, ironically her Downton Abbey costar Dan Stevens will play the Beast/ Prince Adam in this year's reboot of Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

See आप Soon!

So, here are my 3 reasons and I will be seeing this दिखाना soon. Would आप all like to see it?
 क्रिस्मस Special!
Christmas Special!
posted by Thecharliejay
What Happens अगला in Downton Abbey? Season (Series) 3 Future Plots, Storylines, Spoilers 2012

Dowagers, Debutants Plus Mary's Wedding!
Downton Abbey, in case आप have never heard of it, is an award winning British TV Drama written द्वारा Julian Fellowes, the guy who wrote the screenplay for the movie Gosford Park. Here you'll find out what happens अगला in Season 3.

Downton is sumptuously filmed and scripted in the best traditions of British costume drama with an all तारा, स्टार cast that includes Dame Maggie Smith, Ellie the dog and, for season 3, Shirley MacLaine.

Downton has been sold to 100 countries and...
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"DOWNTON ABBEY" – Series One Retrospective

The announcement of ITV’s new series, "DOWNTON ABBEY", had attracted my interest the moment I had learned it would air on American television, during the winter of 2011. I happened to be a प्रशंसक of Robert Altman’s 2001 movie, "GOSFORD PARK". And when I learned that the movie’s Oscar winning writer, Julian Fellowes, was one of the series’ creators, my interest soon transformed into anticipation.

Focused upon a vast estate during the last years of the Edwardian England, "DOWNTON ABBEY" was able to allow viewers to glimpse into the lives of the...
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posted by kelseyjayne25
Season 1
2.New Heir
3.Mary's Shame
4.The Fair
5.The फूल Show
6. Past and Future
7. The Miscarriage

Season 2
1. Prayers for Soldiers
2. Life During War
3. Recovery for Strangers, Secrets for Friends
4. Returning या Leaving
5. Wounds
6. Refugees
7. Standing on one's own
8. Two Weddings and a funeral
9. Guilty Parties

Season 3
2. Good Stubbornness
3. Touching Concerns (and a Breakup)
4. out of misfortune
5. Truth and Birth (1st tragedy)
6. Moving on
7. Relations
8. Fertility
9. Stalking (2nd tragedy)

Season 4
1. Importance of Life
2. Old loves
3. the rape (3rd tragedy)
4. Cooking in the kitchen/relationships...
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Ahead of the Downton Abbey क्रिस्मस special on क्रिस्मस Day, Margherita Taylor will be in conversation with many of the show’s stars – including Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) and Penelope Wilton (Mrs Crawley).

Downton Abbey’s creator, Julian Fellowes and its soundtrack composer, John Lunn will also शामिल होइए Margherita as they celebrate the phenomenon that is Downton Abbey.

We’ll be hearing plenty of संगीत from the show, alongside classical pieces composed in the Downton era.

This promises to be a real highlight of the क्रिस्मस period on Classic FM – so शामिल होइए Margherita on Friday 21 December from 8pm for An Evening at Downton Abbey!

Realism, it ain’t. In the world of Downton Abbey, war is a weekend sport and young ladies can kill Turkish diplomats with sex. The characters, when not in the midst of a pause, race through history and the corridors of Highclere गढ़, महल with breath-taking speed and dramatic flair. Some people swear द्वारा the show, calling it "compulsively watchable"; others ridicule its stylized dramatics and jump-the-shark antics, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a person who can’t hum the theme song.

Downton Abbey premiered on Great Britain’s ITV (ITV.LN) on September 26, 2010. It quickly gained...
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posted by DR76

After three seasons of viewing Britain's ITV series, "DOWNTON ABBEY", it occurred to me that there was something off about Julian Fellowes' portrayal of one of the major characters. That character is Matthew Crawley. And it is an error that I am surprised Fellowes had made.

"DOWNTON ABBEY" began with news of the sinking of the White तारा, स्टार liner, the R.M.S. टाइटैनिक in April 1912. This famous event also caused the deaths of James and Patrick Crawley, the heirs presumptive to the Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham. This disruption in the line for the Grantham earldom forced Lord...
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"DOWNTON ABBEY" – Series Two (2011) Retrospective

The debut of Julian Fellowes' series about an aristocratic family during the last few years before the outbreak of World War I garnered a great deal acclaim and awards, earlier this year. The success of the series led the ITV and Fellowes to continue the saga of the Earl of Grantham, his family and servants in a new season.

Series Two of "DOWNTON ABBEY" covered the last two years of World War I and the first साल of peace during the years 1916 to 1919. Episode One began with Matthew Crawley, the heir presumptive for the Earl of Grantham enduring...
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