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posted by moulan
     ne of the most लोकप्रिय of the डिज़्नी cartoon characters, Donald बत्तख, बतख made his debut in the Silly Symphony cartoon "The Wise Little Hen" on June 9, 1934. His fiery temper endeared him to audiences, and in the 1940s he surpassed Mickey माउस in the number of कार्टून reaching the theaters. Eventually, there were 128 Donald बत्तख, बतख cartoons, but he also appeared in a number of others with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto. His middle name, shown in a wartime cartoon, is Fauntleroy. The original voice of Donald was Clarence "Ducky" Nash, who was succeeded after 50 years द्वारा डिज़्नी artist Tony Anselmo. A daily Donald बत्तख, बतख newspaper comic strip began on February 7, 1938.

Donald बत्तख, बतख has a good दिल and always has good intentions. Well, almost always. Actually, it's his सेकंड या third intentions that are the good ones, but द्वारा the time they surface Donald's already off and running in the wrong direction. He refuses to let anyone या anything stand in his way. It doesn't matter how much humiliation the world dishes out to him, Donald will take it and come back for more. He's a loser, not a quitter, and he'll go down fighting. This is a बत्तख, बतख with one short fuse, and an amazing (if unintelligible) command of language, and when things don't go right, he goes ballistic. Yet after the storm is over and the tantrum is through, when faithful गुलबहार, डेज़ी soothes his brow या his conscience finally catches up with him, even Donald can admit that there must be a better way. If only he could figure out what it is.

Hot-headed Donald is a little man in a big world that's trying to keep him down. Call it fate, या call it lack of self-control, nothing goes right for this duck: even his best intentions often go awry. Of course, द्वारा the time his best intentions surface he's probably already chasing after less noble pursuits. As stubborn as he is temperamental, he won't give in, even when he's up to his beak in trouble. Then watch out. Like a lot of people with a temper problem, he's blind to his own faults but quick to see them in others. He can't understand why life seems so much easier for pals Mickey and easy-going Goofy. It's not fair. Still, Donald will keep struggling to get what he deserves in the world. प्रिय sayings: "Oh, yeah?" "Hiya, toots!" "Aw, phooey!" "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" "Nothin' to it!"

Donald बत्तख, बतख made his debut in this fable about a mother hen who needs help planting मक्का, मकई and harvesting it. When Donald and his friend, Peter Pig, sole members of the Idle घंटा Club, refuse, she does it herself with the help of her chicks. When all is finished and various types of मक्का, मकई delicacies are on the table, Donald and Peter, now interested, are not invited

Directed द्वारा Wilfred Jackson.