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@Disney Plus -We’re going Behind The Attraction… figuratively, and literally. Discover और about your प्रिय डिज़्नी Parks attractions in the Original Series. The first five episodes are streaming July 21
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@Disney Plus -The hoops this team had to go through weren’t just on the court. All episodes of #BigShot are streaming on #DisneyPlus.
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In my last article, I explained how I hated Scar. This लेख is about some mistakes in animations made द्वारा Disney. Lets start.

1- Aladdin

In Aladdin, there was a prince. That arrogant idiot who wants to marry Jasmine. आप can clearly see the दिल patterned underwear of the prince in the scene where Jasmine's father sees the prince angry. The prince's panties were visible, so his purple trousers were torn, revealing his underpants.

Keep that scene in mind. Because now the error is coming. When Jasmine's father goes to see Jasmine, a piece of the prince's panties appear in the tiger rajah's mouth....
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