डिज़्नी प्रिन्सेस Most Similar Princess Pair दिन 40: Choose the pair that आप think are the LEAST like each other (please leave a टिप्पणी दे for my article)!

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सिंडरेला & amp; Rapunzel
सिंडरेला & Rapunzel
Pocahontas & amp; मूलन
Pocahontas & मूलन
Ariel & amp; Rapunzel
Ariel & Rapunzel
सिंडरेला & amp; Aurora
सिंडरेला & Aurora
Snow White & amp; सिंडरेला
Snow White & सिंडरेला
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Snow White & amp; Aurora
Snow White & Aurora
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Pocaho- ntas & amp; मूलन
sweetie-94 picked Pocahontas & मूलन:
6. ???
7. Belle and Rapunzel
8. Aurora and Belle
9. Belle and Tiana
10. Belle and Mulan
11. Ariel and Jasmine
12. Mulan and Rapunzel
13. Jasmine and Rapunzel
14. Jasmine and Pocahontas
15. Belle and Jasmine
16. Belle and Pocahontas
17. Cinderella and Belle
18. Jasmine and Mulan
19. Snow White and Belle
20. Ariel and Pocahontas
21. Cinderella and Tiana
22. Mulan and Tiana
23. Pocahontas and Rapunzel
24. Tiana and Rapunzel
25. Ariel and Mulan
26. Jasmine and Tiana
27. Ariel and Belle
28. Aurora and Rapunzel
29. Snow White and Rapunzel
30. Snow White and Tiana
31. Ariel and Tiana
32. Aurora and Ariel
33. Aurora and Tiana
34. Snow White and Ariel
35. Cinderella and Ariel
36. Pocahontas and Tiana
37. Aurora and Pocahontas
38. Cinderella and Pocahontas
39. Cinderella and Mulan
40. Cinderella and Jasmine
41. Snow White and Pocahontas
42. Aurora and Jasmine
43. Aurora and Mulan
44. Snow White and Mulan
45. Snow White and Jasmine

Which pair will not make it into the top 5?
Like most people has already said I don't find these two as similar as the rest of the pairs are and I don't need to explain the differences between them, most of you knows them already
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सिंडरेला & amp; Rapunzel
BelleAnastasia picked सिंडरेला & Rapunzel:
How did these two made it this far? While Cinderella is really dreamy and idealistic, Rapunzel is excited about the real world and the things she can do in this world.
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Pocaho- ntas & amp; मूलन
Popcornfan picked Pocahontas & मूलन:
I've already said why
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Pocaho- ntas & amp; मूलन
Jessikaroo picked Pocahontas & मूलन:
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सिंडरेला & amp; Rapunzel
Flutey_Girl96 picked सिंडरेला & Rapunzel:
Cinderella is quite mature, while Rapunzel is often a little immature
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