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Here's the 2nd part of my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess Christmas/Winter Outfits from promotional images, this part covers placements 20-1
If आप haven't read part 1 of this click link to read it


Oh, this is such a beautiful outfit, the details at the bottom of the dress are so cute and the cape has a lovely color that matches well with the dress, but like number 29 I have a problem with the sleeves, they're a little too long, though nowhere near as crazy looking as those in number 29


Another beautiful outfit, I really प्यार the color and all the sparkles aswell as the details on the...
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 Credit to rzenteno for this wonderful image!
Credit to rzenteno for this wonderful image!
So I didn't use any 1 prince twice and I tried to match everyone to their best match outside of the original. This is inspired द्वारा the wonderful job of link article. She did an amazing job pairing them up! Such an amazing job that it made me want to try myself. Hope आप guys don't mind, this was just for fun! The absolutely ❤️amazing❤️ crossovers were done द्वारा a multiple of talented users on this site. The लेख image (top right) was made द्वारा link He did a wonderful job, in my opinion! :D Most of my crossovers were done द्वारा link No, really. Would आप believe she did like 6 crossover photos...
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posted by TheMusicalMolls
I did the 20 Worst DP outfits, and not wanting to waste time on the mediocre ones, will now rank my favorites.

20. Ariel's Nightgown
 "So excited to wear this frilly गुलाबी nightgown!"
"So excited to wear this frilly गुलाबी nightgown!"

Yes, it's just a nightgown, and yes, गुलाबी is not her color, but yes oh yes does it look pretty, comfortable and just appealing.

19. Snow White' Servant Dress
 "So fab rn."
"So fab rn."

If the ends were just cleaned up a bit, and she changed out of those ugly clogs, this would be an adorable outfit. She is rockin' that hairbow.

18.Cinderella's Servant Dress
 "They can make me work, but they can't make me stop being amazing."
"They can make me work, but they can't...
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 Vincent वैन, वान Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
Vincent Van Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
I प्यार art! I प्यार culture, history, संगीत and I प्यार art. I have done some posts and मतदानो about the डिज़्नी Princesses in reference to music, culture and fashion but not art yet so I thought I would do that next. I like to think of the डिज़्नी Princesses as "cultured" young women who have manners, etiquette, decent universal knowledge and appreciation for the arts. So, in my theory of the डिज़्नी Princesses being cultured, albeit each at their own levels, here are the paintings that I think each डिज़्नी Princess would प्यार the most. (I could probably find a वैन, वान Gogh for each of them as I absolutely...
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So yesterday I wrote an लेख about the Scariest Moments In Each DP Movie IMO, today I'm going to write about the चोटी, शीर्ष 10 Scariest DP Movie Moments IMO, I'm also going to write an लेख about the Scariest DP Movies. You'll probably recognise some moments from my पूर्व articles, but there'll be new ones too so I hope you'll enjoy this article

10. Mordú

I'll just copy what I कहा in my पूर्व article: This भालू is really scary looking imo especially with all of those arrows on him and the eyes are creepy too and his dark look also helps making him और scary. Now his death isn't...
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If the डिज़्नी Princesses were Housewives on Wisteria Lane, which house would be theirs? [If आप are a Desperate Housewives fan, I included who lived there from the दिखाना if anyone did.]

1. Snow White: 4350

This house is a nice beige color, between white (her skin) and yellow (her skirt). It has a gazebo style balcony that fits perfectly for her and her prince to dance around and sing to each other in. [Martha Huber/Felicia Tillman/Andrew VandeKamp]

2. Cinderella: 4354

This house is a beautiful big blue house, just like her beautiful big blue(ish) dress. It's like a palace but still with...
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added by clsmith03
Here is my डिज़्नी Princess Villian Dreamcast.
1) I havent included Duke of Weselton since I dont consider him a real डिज़्नी villian.
2) I havent included Mordu (obviously).

Queen Grimhilde: Keira Knightley

The Duchess (2008) तारा, स्टार Keira Knightley knows a little something about onscreen royalty.After years of playing good girls, she sure needs to play a negative role. She'll add much needed personality to क्वीन Grimhilde.

Lady Tremine: Cate Blanchett

Catherine Élise "Cate" Blanchett is an Australian actress of screen and stage. She was perfect...
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