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 Walt डिज़्नी Gifs - Princess चमेली
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
Walt डिज़्नी Gif of Princess चमेली from "Aladdin" (1992)
walt डिज़्नी
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walt डिज़्नी gifs
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I get most people hate Pocahontas for its historical inaccuracy, and so do I. It just doesn't seem right to me to have John Smith (who was a Pervert, Betrayer, and Conquerer) as a डिज़्नी prince and looked at in such a angelic light. Since most people's agreement is "it's just a movie." And "it's not Disney's job to make teach history." I'm not asking for a historically accurate film that would be terrible for children. I'm stating it was a mistake to be made a BASED of real history story..it could have just been a बिना सोचे समझे Native American but no they chose Pocahontas and they twisted and bent...
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फ्रोज़न (2013)
let it go
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Everyone has their personal favorite, ranking of the डिज़्नी Princessess n thoughts of who should b included. In my eyes, this is the ranking of the maidens from the house of mouse:

15. Aurora, indeed the sleeping beauty is beautiful, graceful, n has a heavenly operatic voice, unfortunately she has little agency in her own story n personality.

14. Anna, a spunky n cute go getter but most of the other princesses that have come before her have these traits checked off too.

13. Moana, a real cookie cutter of a modern डिज़्नी princess, she is pretty much just an ethnic variation of Anna but is ahead...
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Note: फ्रोज़न is owned द्वारा Disney, not me.

A week had gone द्वारा since Anna and Elsa's accidental visit to the public lake. The 2 sisters wanted to actually swim. Thankfully Anna had a plan.

Anna walked into the living room of the kingdom and stated "We should go swimming today."

Elsa कहा "But I don't want us to make another embarrassing mistake."

Anna tried to calm Elsa down द्वारा saying "I went to a nearby private lake yesterday so I know how to get there. Plus it's not that far away."

Elsa asked "Are आप sure it's not a public lake?"

Anna replied "I hanged out there for hours yesterday. Nobody...
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So I'm also doing this with Divergent factions, and although I'm a प्रशंसक of both, I am an absolute Potterhead, so I will probably enjoy doing this one more. I will go house द्वारा house and explain why each डिज़्नी Princess would be in (in my opinion). This also includes Anna, Elsa and Moana!


First we have the house where Harry Potter himself was in, and also me! But nobody cares about me. Gryffindors are characterized द्वारा bravery and recklessness. Pride is also a trait, and many Gryffindors have confidence, not all, but most. These are basically the most ब्रेव and biggest risk-takers....
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