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Got inspired द्वारा dimitri_'s article, I did an लेख similar to this when I was new to लेखन लेखाए here, if आप would like to read it clicklink

Snow White

Like I've कहा so many times before she's my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess. I प्यार how she always makes the best out of a bad situation and that she's both a child and a mother in the movie and how funny she is and her bossy and sassy side. I also प्यार that she's an unjudgemental person

प्रिय Outfit: Princess Dress with cape - the cape completes the look and makes the dress less plain looking and it's also my प्रिय animated outfit
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her smile - it's such a realistic and adorable smile
प्रिय Song: Someday My Prince Will Come - it's such a beautiful song with lovely lyrics and it's one of very few songs that makes me emotional everytime I listen to the song
प्रिय Scene: The Ending - I प्यार so many scenes in this movie, but the ending is just amazing, beautifully drawn and with so many emotions in just one scene it's without a doubt my प्रिय movie ending of all time
प्रिय Line: "There's nobody like him, anywhere at all" - It's a great message, every person आप meet is unique in their own kind of way and I प्यार the way she says it
प्रिय Word to describe her: Joyful - She is a joyspreader


Like Snow White सिंडरेला makes me smile whenever she's on screen and she never gave up hope on that someday her dreams would come true. I also प्यार how she's kind and optimistic, despite having to work as a slave for her stepmother and stepsisters she's so gentle and sweet

प्रिय Outfit: Silver Ballgown - just beautiful, I really don't need to explain why this is her best outfit
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her smile - it's so beautiful and makes me smile
प्रिय Song: A Dream Is A Wish Your दिल Makes - A beautiful song with a great message and lovely lyrics
प्रिय Scene: The Dress Transformation - because it's such a magical scene
प्रिय Line: "Why, it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true" - because आप can hear how happy she is over that her dream of going to the ball has finally come true
प्रिय Word to desribe her: Patient - Instead of just complaining over that her dreams hasn't come true she just keeps believing that someday they might come true


Despite her little screentime she has a lot of personality, she's graceful and she has the most beautiful गाना voice of all the डिज़्नी Princesses imo. I प्यार that she's femenine, kind, shy and obedient

प्रिय Outfit: गुलाबी Princess Dress - not only because गुलाबी is one of my प्रिय colors, but I actually think गुलाबी सूट्स Aurora better than blue
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her smile - it's such a flirty and beautiful smile
प्रिय Song: Once Upon A Dream - for being a प्यार song it's not so slow which makes it stand out अगला to the other DP प्यार Songs
प्रिय Scene: The Forest Scene - can't decide a प्रिय part, the whole scene is just amazing and beautifully drawn
प्रिय Line: "Oh, he's not a stranger, we've met before" - because like Cinderella's आप can hear how happy she is over that she her dream of finding true प्यार has finally come true
प्रिय Word to desribe her: Romantic - she constantly talks about her dream of finding true love


Ariel has gone on a roller coaster ride on my प्रिय DP list, she was my 2nd प्रिय DP when I was a child, then when I joined फैन्पॉप she was my 5th प्रिय and soon she became my least प्रिय and then she has been my 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th प्रिय so she has been having almost all the different placements on my प्रिय DP सूची except 1st, for some time I didn't like her, but now I really प्यार her. I प्यार how curious she is over the human world and how determinded she is over becoming a human herself, even though she took risks and even left her family without saying goodbye it is her personality that makes her one of my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princesses

प्रिय Outfit: Blue Town Dress - The only outfit of hers that I love, the color सूट्स Ariel perfectly and the डिज़ाइन is lovely yet simple
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her smile - Another really adorable and sweet smile that I love
प्रिय Song: Part Of Your World Reprise - This one is much better than the first version imo
प्रिय Scene: The रात का खाना Scene - This scene is so hilarious especially when Ariel combs her hair with her fork
प्रिय Line: "I've never seen a human this close before" - I प्यार the softness of her voice when she says it
प्रिय Word to describe her: Curious - She's very interested in the human world and wants to see that world above the water


I don't really like it when people says she has no flaws because she has some, not a lot compared to most of the other princesses, but she has flaws. Anyway I प्यार that she's a bookworm and considerd an oddball in her village yet she doesn't care about it, also प्यार how much she cares for her father and how she doesn't judge people on looks, but rather on personality

प्रिय Outfit: गुलाबी Dress with हुड, डाकू - I wished I could own that outfit, the हुड, डाकू looks beautiful along with the गुलाबी dress and I think गुलाबी सूट्स Belle perfectly
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her lips - They have a lovely shape
प्रिय Song: Belle Reprise - I don't like Belle's गाना voice, but I प्यार this song because of the lovely lyrics
प्रिय Scene: The West Wing Scene - This scene is perfect, epic music, stunning एनीमेशन and shows that a great scene doesn't need a lot of dialouge
प्रिय Line: "Well, some people use their imaginations" - Because it's so true
प्रिय Word to describe her: Caring - She cares about the ones she loves


Even though she's low on my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess सूची there are a couple of things that I प्यार about her. I प्यार her because she's not afraid to speak her mind and imo she's the smartest डिज़्नी Princess, also प्यार her because she doesn't want to marry a prince, but instead just marry for love

प्रिय Outfit: Purple Engagement Dress - Purple सूट्स चमेली very well and I प्यार the डिज़ाइन of the dress
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her smile - It's such a flirty and lovely smile
प्रिय Song: A Whole New World - It's a quite lovely song
प्रिय Scene: Garden Scene - This scene introduces चमेली very well
प्रिय Line: "How dare you? All of you, standing here deciding my future, I am not a prize to be won" - Because it's a great message
प्रिय Word to describe her: Adventurous - She wanted to see the world outside of the palace


I never liked Pocahontas so much when I was young, but now I like her. I प्यार her because she has a quite wild personality, before she meets John Smith that is, also प्यार that she's playful, but still quite mature and how ब्रेव she is, especially when she stopped a war between the whites and the Native Americans

प्रिय Outfit: Forest Dress With हार - The हार makes the dress less plain looking
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her eyes - They match with her personality and the color is gorgeous
प्रिय Song: रंग Of The Wind - The song has such a great message
प्रिय Scene: Just Around The Riverbend - This scene makes me so happy and excited
प्रिय Line: "If आप kill him you'll have to kill me too" - I प्यार how with a help of these words (and some more) she saves John Smith and stops a war between the whites and her people
प्रिय Word to describe her: Free Spirited - She's very much so


I don't like her as much as most of आप do, but she has some really good traits. I प्यार how selfless she is and that she decided to take her father's place in the army because she knew he was weak and would die easily, also प्यार that she's ब्रेव and of course very smart

प्रिय Outfit: The Matchmaker Dress - The रंग are beautiful and it has a simple yet lovely design
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her hair - It's so silky looking
प्रिय Song: Reflection - Because I can relate to this song so much
प्रिय Scene: Short Hair - This scene is so epic and gives me गूसबम्प्स everytime I watch that scene
प्रिय Line: "I never want to see a naked man again" - Just because this line always makes me laugh
प्रिय Word to describe her: Independant - She doesn't let others make decisions for her, instead she makes her own descisions


Despite being my 10th प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess I like her. I प्यार that she doesn't wish upon a तारा, स्टार to make her dream come true, instead she works hard and she doesn't let anything या anyone stop her

प्रिय Outfit: Blue Princess Dress - It's such a beautiful dress that she got to borrow from Charlotte
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her lips - They have such a lovely color and shape
प्रिय Song: Almost There - Another song that I can relate to a lot
प्रिय Scene: Dream Sequence - Because of the lovely setting
प्रिय Line: "My Daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed, he had love. He never लॉस्ट sight of what was really important and neither will I" - Because it shows that even though आप don't always get what आप want आप have at least one person that आप love
प्रिय Word to describe her: Determinded - She wanted to open up her own resturant and she worked very hard to make that dream come true


I used to not like Rapunzel so much for a while, but now I really प्यार her. I प्यार how creative she is and how she changes from being naive to being mature, also प्यार how insecure she is after leaving the tower if she did the right choice with leaving the tower या not

प्रिय Outfit: गुलाबी Princess Dress - This is such a lovely dress
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her hair - So lovely both when it's blonde and when it's brown
प्रिय Song: I See The Light - This song has lovely lyrics
प्रिय Scene: The Kingdom Dance - The संगीत is so catchy in this scene and makes me wanna dance
प्रिय Line: "Did I mumble mother या should I even call आप that?" - Because she realizes that Mother Gothel isn't her real mother and that the outside world wasn't as dangerous as Gothel had told her
प्रिय Word to describe her: Energetic - In any scene she's in she seems to always have a very high amount of energy


She's my least प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess, but there are a couple of things that I प्यार about her. I प्यार her because she broke the tradition of गाना and have a प्यार interest, also प्यार the relationship between her and her mother and how it develops. Also प्यार how free spirited she is

प्रिय Outfit: Dark Green Dress with cape - The cape makes the dress और dramatic
प्रिय Physical Feature: Her eyes - they have such a beautiful color
प्रिय Song: Touch The Sky - The only song from the movie that I प्यार so far
प्रिय Scene: The Archery Scene - प्यार the setting and how Merida decides to shoot for her own hand even though she wasn't supposed to
प्रिय Line: "There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, आप only have to be ब्रेव enough to see it" - Because it's a great quote to end the movie with
प्रिय Word to describe her: Headstrong - She's not afraid of taking risks
A/N#1: Blahhh another boring chapter:/ Sorry gotta get through all the
descriptions and introductions! But the story will pick up very soon!

Chapter 3:

Four months on a नाव in the middle of the ocean with no land in
sight, that was until today.
We finally arrived in a small town that was surrounded द्वारा huge oaks
and pines, a cliff overlooked the sea and the sand was a brownish
color. It wasnt the most beautiful land ever but it was land, I wanted
off this नाव so bad that I didn't care where they let me off as long
as the land was solid.
The wind whipped through my long black hair and I grabbed the...
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Here's another one of my articles... I hope आप won't get tired of these :)

9. Belle and Adam
I do like Belle, I do like Adam and I do like
them as a couple. I just think their प्यार is not true प्यार because Adam makes himself प्यार Belle. Belle – on the other hand – has no human being around her and Adam is the closest thing to a human (physically) so it’s kinda obvious that Belle falls for him. I would have liked it better, though, if she had fallen for Lumiére X) Anyways, I admit that if आप ignore the fact that Adam forces himself to प्यार Belle (yes, that’s what I think) this...
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Meanwhile thousands of miles away(Scene 20)......

Bobby: Where do ya think we R now?
Peggy: Beats me, but I'd rather die than go 2 somewhere lik this.
Rodney: Ur already in a place lik this.
Peggy: Really? There's another location that is rotten and icky lik where we R rite now?
Rodney: Um, the royal castle?
Hella and Fairy Godmother: Agreed.
Hella: U have been there B4?
Fairy Godmother: Oh yes, when I was little B4 I took this job as a fairy godmother-
Rodney: So U werent born as a fat fairy?
Fairy Godmother(Deep voice): What was that honey?
*Rodney screams and hides Bhind Hella* Uh, I didnt say anything...
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So the डिज़्नी Princess प्रशंसक for the महीना of April is Dweep! Congratulations! I for one have noticed all the work she's been putting into our spot and whole-heartedly agree with the verdict. So let's get right down to the interview shall we?

How long have आप been active on this site?
I think I joined in the late summer of 2009. Me and my best friend wanted to find out which डिज़्नी Princess was the prettiest so we looked it up and got to this site. But it wouldn't let us vote unless we were a member so I made an account. I named the account "dweeb" because I felt like such a loser for joining....
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It’s funny how quickly things have changed.
Everything in my life has been rearranged.
My whole life I thought I was a peasant.
Now I find out I’m a Princess; what a birthday present.
From now on I’ll live in a castle, no और frolicking in the forest.
I should be ecstatic, but instead I’m depressed.
Earlier today I met a stranger.
I was unsure about him at first, but soon realized I wasn’t in any danger.
Yes, प्यार was in the air.
But now I’ll never see him again and that’s so unfair.
Come to find out I am betrothed to marry a Prince.
The thought of marrying someone I don’t प्यार makes me wince.
My dreams have been shattered.
My thoughts are so scattered.
I had wanted to see him again, so I gave him an invite.
He is supposed to come over tonight.
He doesn’t know yet that I won’t be there.
I feel like I’m in the depths of despair.
Now I must force a smile and put on my crown.
But deep in my दिल I will wear a frown.
First a little introduction, I have every intention of seeing this movie, but here are my personal judgments of this movie based on the controversies surrounding it, trailers and so forth. Since i like to end on a happy note, we'll start with the bad.
5. THE pRINCESS: When I first saw this trailer i was thinking "how the hell can a black waitress from New Orleans in the 20's be a princess? but the और trailers that got released i slowly realized that Tiana isn't actually a princess at all, at least not द्वारा birth anyway, suddenly the whole she turns into a frog thing made allot और sense. But...
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MY प्रिय कोट्स FROM TANGLED

Flynn Rider : (1)Well...you can image what happened next, the kingdom rejoiced for their लॉस्ट princess had returned the party lasted an entire week and honestly I don't remember most of it.

(2)I know that I'm not supposed to mention the hair...or the mother...and, frankly, I'm too scared to ask about the frog...

(3)Rapunzel? Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Rapunzel : (1) Look, today is kind of the biggest दिन of my life. And the thing is, I need आप not to get him arrested. [Maximus glares at her] Just for 24 hours, and then आप can chase each other to your heart's...
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Hilarious video!!!!
ब्यूटी एंड द बीस्ट
यूट्यूब poop
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A lot of people have been complaining that फ्रोज़न and टैंगल्ड are so alike, how Anna and Rapunzel look like twins या cousins and blah....well, I'm here to give reasons on why they're different.

1: Anna and Rapunzel

I know, I know, so Anna and Rapunzel "look alike." I feel like the प्रशंसकों say this because they were both structured the same, with a circle/oval head, the young eyes, and young face. Hey, at least they don't have the same hair color! Anna and Rapunzel were both made up द्वारा the same base, meaning the same body, but with different looks, that's all!

Anna and Rapunzel both ran away/went...
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