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posted by Takuya
Phantomrose89 came up with the great idea of लेखन these लेखाए and I hope that mine won't bore आप all to sleep xD

First Name: Tobias

Country of Origin:I was born and currently live in Sweden.

Favorite डिज़्नी Movie: My प्रिय डिज़्नी movie is and always will be Beauty and the beast because I relate to both the "odd" Belle and shy beast.

Hobbies: I प्यार to draw and write which is what I mostly do.

Education: I have graduated High School about a साल पूर्व and right now I am trying to decide if I should attend collage या if I should get a job.
My classes in high school was focused on arts and crafts.

Music I like: I don't pay any attention to the genré so I will listen to anything and I like and dislike any genré.

Movies (besides डिज़्नी movies) that I like: Iron Man, Thor, The Devil wears prada, Avatar, तारा, स्टार Wars, Lord of the rings and many more.
I प्यार कल्पना and Sci-Fi so I mostly watch that.

Books I read: I read mostly कल्पना books, मांगा and comic books

Something quirky about me: I am extremely shy and get very बिना सोचे समझे ideas xD

Someone who Inspires Me: Some people who inspire me are Glen Keane and Eiichiro Oda, Both are incredible artist and Eiichiro Oda is a very unpredictable writer and both of these things I want to be.

Something I believe strongly: I belive that no one is worth less because of race, gender या belifs, I just think that there is bad individuals and not entire races या religions (I hope that made sense)
A career I'd like to have: I would want to be an author, I प्यार fiction and I want to write something that will inspire people like the डिज़्नी फिल्में have inspired me.

A dream I'd like to accomplish: To visit certain places in America,France and Great Brittain.

A celebrity आप like: I don't know if he counts as a celebrity but I admire Stan Lee, he is the Co-creator of many of my प्रिय comicbook characters.

I most relate to this princess: Belle becase she is seen as odd in her घर and I know how that feels, she has a harder time than me but I still relate to her and I also have her प्यार for stories.

At my worst, I am: Angry and shy

At my best, I am: Shy, Friendly and easygoing,

Well I hope आप have enjoyed this ^^ I might update this later but for now I think that this is enough.
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An issue close to my heart... I have just discovered this beautiful video <3 (Sorry the song is the same as the one on another video added recently)
Ok,so I've not been लेखन लेखाए lately from a long time.It may have been over a year!So I read the लेखाए of many other users and noticed that प्रशंसक fiction लेखाए are not written so often in this club,so I only decided to write some प्रशंसक fiction in the days to come.Actually this is my first प्रशंसक fiction!And so I'm not at all confident on what I'm लेखन and so right now I'm just dumbstruck!So I've decided to प्रकाशित करे the plot (A small one) and the cast of a fiction (with fairly big name!),so that आप all can just get an idea about what I'll be लेखन in the days to come...!!


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This is from the Danish soundtrack.
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