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posted by yoshi5678
 कद्दू is delighted to see Blondie and will plan to dance at their sleepover.
Pumpkin is delighted to see Blondie and will plan to dance at their sleepover.
One day, there were 5 palace pets gracefully walking around outside Cinderella's castle. Their names were Pumpkin, Beauty, Teacup, Treasure, and Berry. they were walking around Cinderella's castle.

Berry: So, what are we doing today? Playing Dress-up, Castle, Princess Pumpkin?

Pumpkin: I know! We're going to dance!

Treasure: Okay, how about going to a parade?

Pumpkin: Yeah, let's go to a parade. We can dance later.

Beauty: I've heard that the king has oraganized a parade to celebrate Rapunzel's return, maybe we can go see that.

Teacup: Maybe we might meet a new Palace Pet!

Then सिंडरेला told them...
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posted by yoshi5678
On the दिन of Isabelle's All-Star pet show, Metal Sonic was excited for his Cocker Spaniel's pet show. Then, he got something from the mail. "Oh Boy, it's an invitation to Yoshi's pet salon!" He said. "C'mon, Pumpkin, Bella, and Isabelle, let's go to Yoshi's Pet Salon!". Metal Sonic and his 3 pets went to Yoshi's pet salon. "Welcome to Yoshi's pet salon!" कहा Yoshi. Yoshi turned the Surprise Switch, bought the PAW Patrol's lookout, Black Spy and White Spy's houses and they turned to stations to Yoshi's pet salon, even the house itself turned to a playpen. "Now, each one of आप get to pick...
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One दिन in Yellow Yoshi सड़क, स्ट्रीट on February, the palace pets and Team The Guys was looking on Metal Sonic's computer for events in Yellow Yoshi Street. "Let's see what's happening in Yellow Yoshi सड़क, स्ट्रीट Today." कहा Metal Sonic. Then, Yoshi found a event in Yellow Yoshi Street. It कहा YELLOW YOSHI सड़क, स्ट्रीट SWEETHEART DANCE. "Hey guys, I found an cute event Metal Sonic and I are going to love." कहा Yoshi. "Hmm, It says that tickets are sold today." कहा Metal Sonic. "Oh, Metal Sonic, आप and I can go get our tickets for the dance." कहा Yoshi. Even though, Metal Sonic and Yoshi liked each other,...
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posted by yoshi5678
Do आप like to dance? Well कद्दू does.
कद्दू is a glamorous and elegant कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला who loves to twirl and dance and adores the palace life. She has little blue कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला earrings, a gray tiara shaped like a carriage with two blue emeralds in it, a कॉलर with a फूल shaped dog tag with a glass slipper, and a fancy bow on her tail. Her personality is realated to Kari the internet's world famous dancing dog, and has a टट्टू sister named, Bibbidy a टट्टू that loves to do chores, other than twirl and dance. On nights of royal balls, सिंडरेला takes and attends her to royal balls and parties. कद्दू is also an anniversary gift from Prince Charming. She was twirling and dancing on her hind legs. कद्दू was the best anniversery surprise ever!

Well, we had fun लेखन facts about Pumpkin, अगला we will visit Beauty's world, bye.
posted by yoshi5678
A few days after Mackenzie punched Team The Guy's brothers, Lazer Metal Sonic and MetalSonictone,Metal Sonic's mother has something to tell them.

Phone rings

Metal Sonic's mother: Metal Sonic! It's for you.

Metal Sonic: Hello?

Wendy: Hi, Metal Sonic darling!

Then, Metal Sonic's friends, Peter and ठगना, हेराफेरी Hatcher came in.

Metal sonic: What the heck? Wendy?

Wendy: Metal sonic, I wanted to ask you, can आप Yoshi, Fudge, Peter, and Daniel meet me at the movie theater?

Metal Sonic: Okay, Wendy.

Phone hangs up.

Peter: Who was it, Metal Sonic?

Fudge: We're going to the movie theater with Wendiy, Pee-taah.

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posted by yoshi5678
Are आप the loveliest kitten in the land? Beauty is for sure. Beauty has गुलाबी फर that shines like the sun, purple eyes just like Aurora's, a tiara like Aurora's, a pearl कॉलर and name tag, and a गुलाबी bow. Aurora found Beauty in the woods with the good faries and Merryweather pointed
at a गुलाबी tail near a rose and Aurora scooped her up. They प्यार spending time with each other every day. Her primp & pamer टट्टू sister, Bloom, who loves spending time with Beauty & Aurora.

अगला time, we'll हटाइए into Teacup's world about her. Bye, people!
posted by yoshi5678
 Metal Sonic gets so angry at Mackenzie that he has to call 911
Metal Sonic gets so angry at Mackenzie that he has to call 911
As Yoshi, Metal Sonic, and Birdo walk into their अगला class, लेखन Workshop.

Yoshi: I can't wait to write a story about the Palace Pets.

Metal sonic: *blushes while scraching head* Me too.

Red Toadette: Me three

When they came in the classroom, the teacher was writng on the board about writng stories about Palace pets.

Teacher: Hello, class, my name is Mrs. Wallblangger, atttence first. नारंगी, ऑरेंज Toadette?

Orange Toadette: हे everyone

Mrs. Wallblangger: Red Birdo?

Red Birdo: Here.

Mrs. Wallblangger: Mackenzie?

Mackenzie: Here.

Mrs. Wallblangger: Metal Sonic?

Metal sonic: Present

Mrs. Wallblangger:Yoshi?...
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