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posted by lovelife324
 Mater, as a young and beautiful Tow Truck. In his younger days.
Mater, as a young and beautiful Tow Truck. In his younger days.
डिज़्नी and Pixar's Cars Tow Mater is a perfect mixture of good ol' boy, clever, naive, mischievous, talented, daredevil - and is possibly the goofiest and most loving character that any production studio has ever created.

You just gotta प्यार 'im.

Tow Mater was brought into this world in the little town of Radiator Springs, along historic Route 66 in the साल of January 12th, 1957. Although it is not known for sure, he is believed to be the son of Stanley and Lizzie Mater from Radiator Springs.

Mater's color as a handsome youngster was light baby blue (see right photo) but became और and more...
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The characters can go out with me is Mater the tow truck and Lighting McQueen and I प्यार both of them and they are really good फ्रेंड्स together and I प्यार to talk to them and say hello and how are u:)

My best character that can go out with me will probably Mater the tow truck. I प्यार HIM:)

Lighting McQueen can go out with me too and that will be amazing to go anywhere to a place या something that Lighting McQueen can do sometimes. That will be a good thing to do like a character if I was in the movie and don't know what car that I'm going to look at but I will be a गुलाबी chevolet 1952 cars and...
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I प्यार all of the डिज़्नी Cars characters except for one is Chick Hicks and he is okay but he is mean though. Some people don't like them like me!
Here are the सूची of डिज़्नी Cars Character favorites:
1. Mater the Tow Truck
2. Lighting McQueen
3. Sally
4. Luigi
5. Guido
6. Fillmore
7. Flo
8. Ramone
9. Mack
10. Sheriff

That is all ten of my best प्रिय from डिज़्नी पिक्सार Cars. I प्यार Mater the tow truck is because he is funny and I प्यार his saying and things about him. I प्यार him to death and he is my best प्रिय character from the movie. I प्यार Lighting McQueen is because he is funny too and I love...
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