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 Hiccup and Merida
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Requested द्वारा a friend. I'm personally a Hiccup and Rapunzel fan. Not the best I know but the best i could do. :)
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This डिज़्नी क्रॉसोवर चित्र contains चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

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 A Golden Memory
A Golden Memory
Whilst her sister suddenly seemed to have mysteriously vanished elsewhere for a few moments, Belle found herself approached द्वारा the Empress.

“My dear Belle,” she said, kindly, “you’ve grown so beautiful since we last met.”

Belle smiled, politely. “Yes. I’m sorry we didn’t get much of an opportunity to talk that evening.”

“So am I,” sighed the Empress, guiding her down beside her on the sofa. “I had a present for आप too, आप know, but I never got a chance to give it to you.”

“I’m honoured,” Belle exclaimed. So, the Empress hadn’t favoured her over her sister, then?...
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 Monster wave!
Monster wave!
Dear Diary,

Fun and laughter at the समुद्र तट today, I can tell you! While we were swimming in the sea, this monster wave came along and knocked David and Nani off their surfboards and the rest of us onto the beach. I had my hair all in my face and seaweed in it too. Of course, everyone laughed, and then I threw the seaweed at David and he pushed me in. Nani berated him for it, of course. “A gentleman wouldn’t push a lady in,” she said, and then she started splashing him until he apologised. It was ok, though. I know it’s just David’s jokey way; he’s always like that.

Belle had her...
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 “Hey, Snow, can I borrow your-?”
“Hey, Snow, can I borrow your-?”
“Hey, Snow, can I borrow your-?”

Belle broke off. It was the दिन after the shopping trip and she had been पढ़ना in the पुस्तकालय until she remembered that she had promised to meet Adam in the Drama room to rehearse their duet for the Summer concert. She had been about to ask Snow White if she could borrow her hairbrush, her own had been mislaid somewhere, to quickly drag through her untamed hair before meeting the boy she was in प्यार with. What she had not been expecting to find when she opened the bedroom door was to see Snow White and Aurora in what she could only describe as a compromising...
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We went into the खलिहान for shelter and so we'd have time to think of a plan. I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. There are so many things I haven’t even done with my life. But I promise that I’m not going to let anything bad happen to these kids even if it kills me.

"Chris, if there's a spell आप know that would help save us, now would be a good time to use it!" कहा Angel.

"There's one, but there's a problem. It requires four wizards and I'm the only wizard here that can help us." I said.

"Maybe we can do it." कहा Patch.

"No, it's too dangerous! The spell is so powerful;...
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