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I remember the दिन I first met you, आप really caught my attention
Didn’t know I was looking for a rescue I wasn’t thinking that hard
Now and then I was there in the moment I was ready for nothing
That doesn’t mean that I really didn’t प्यार आप while I’m breaking your heart

Don’t ask why before we get too close just let me
Say goodbye it’s easier this way
Don’t ask why before आप ask the सवाल and
I die inside just let me walk away

I feel bad that I let my past hurt आप ‘cause I really didn’t mean to
I was लॉस्ट I was lucky आप found me but it only got worse
Right now while you’re...
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(Rock mafia, rock mafia, rock mafia)
Everybody likes a fiesta
Everybody wants to have fun
Bring a couple फ्रेंड्स and I’ll betcha
They’ll be hookin’ up with someone

‘Cause I’m tired of all the boys who don’t like to dance
And if आप don’t like to dance आप don’t stand a chance
So why आप standing in the corner with your arms all folded
When आप know that she’s ready to dance right up on you

You got the money money
She’s got the hottie body
We want to party party
Hook it all up
You picked the song they’re playing
She waits anticipating
All the while the DJ saying
Hook it on up
(Hook it up...
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I know what you’re trying to do know what you’re trying to say
You’re giving me the eye then pushing me away
It’s like you’re playing games like you’re the only one
We’re both one and the same so think about it
All your फ्रेंड्स are telling me there’s only one ambition on your mind
You keep on denying it but all the proof I need is in your eyes

You can say what आप want, play it cool if आप like
But you’re identified आप play my दिल ‘cause you’re smart
Put up a front but I see what’s inside
Got आप identified आप play my दिल ‘cause you’re smart

You keep asking how I am...
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Da da da da, da da da da, da da da da
Oh, oh, oh, yea
It takes a girl to understand
Just how to win
She knows… she can
I think it’s clear
Who wears the pants
What boy… could stand… a chance

She makes it look easy
In control completely (In control completely)
She’ll get the best of आप ever single time
Thought द्वारा now आप realize आप should

Never underestimate a girl
Gets anything she wants
She’s never gonna stop
(You know it… we know it)
Never underestimate a girl
She’s always got a plan
The world is in her hands
Da da da da, da da da da (Let’s go), da da da da

She got the lipstick
Puts it together...
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You are fine, आप are sweet
But I’m still a bit naïve, with my heart
When you’re close I don’t breathe
I can’t find the words to speak
I feel sparks

But I don’t wanna be into you
If you’re not looking for true love, ohwhoa
No, I don’t wanna start seeing you
If I can’t be your only one
So tell me

When it’s not alright
When it’s not ok
Will आप try to make me feel better
Will आप say alright (Say alright), will आप say ok (Say ok)
Will आप stick with me through whatever
Or runaway
(Say that it’s gonna be alright
That it’s gonna be ok)
Say ok

When आप call I don’t know
If I should...
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Turn it off turn it on like the vibrate on your phone
Call me up wanna talk then आप freeze me
It’s the same when you’re gone keep me guessing what आप want
But my दिल says it’s आप who can please me
I get pushed to extremes and I should know what it means
But I can’t भालू the game to be over
When your moods never change only got myself to blame
‘Cause I fall for it over and over

You’re like my first bad habit I can’t live without it I can’t give आप up give आप up
And even though you’re trouble I come back for double I can’t say enough is enough
I’m a part of आप you’re a part...
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