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posted by popstar37
1.does anyone know about good luck Charlie with new baby Charlie what do u feel about that plz tell me i would प्यार to know.
2.does anyone think there should be a new program on Disney.
to let me know how u feel about them both just ई मेल me at elysebamford@hotmail.com

3. here is आप time to vote for your fave program
who वोट्स for;
good luck Charlie:

what about:
wizards of Waverly place:

मछली hooks:

shake it up:

ant farm:

Hannah Montana:


what one do u like. i will be collecting the वोट्स on the 22.9.12 to vote ethier send me a a ई मेल to elysebamford@hotmail.com and plz say your user name and age. या another way to vote is to click on टिप्पणी दे and the say your faveroute डिज़्नी program then i will get back to your every week up till 22.9.12 when i will दिखाना आप the ruselts