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Dark, melancholic version of Carol of the Bells. Check out Steampianist's यूट्यूब if आप like it. Merry Christmas!
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सलाह For A Young Depressed Artist Who Is In Pain द्वारा Shane Ryan [TV-MA] via link For और videos, please visit link
self harm
film and टेलीविज़न
 ❤ Inori and Shu❤
❤ Inori and Shu❤
These days आप don't प्यार me no more.
Nor am I still treasured द्वारा you
And this way, I'll be all alone

That is how आप always
Make me mad and cry in the end
But I loved
How your face looked when आप said, "I'm sorry"

Please do not let me go
Hold me tight--Yes, with all my heart
I want to be in your arms
Together, with our foreheads touching
We'll fall asleep

Such a beautiful song.The feels :'( The ऐनीमे this song is from, which is Guilty Crown, made me depressed for a very long time. I still get really sad when I listen to this song.
I was once in the pit of all darkness...
Where all my fears and anything and everything didn't matter.... where nothing helped.
No love.
No help.
No one cared.
At least... thats how it felt...
No one noticed because of the mask, the mask everyone see's...

I felt like everyone would either be better off if I just DIED या might even throw a party!
Ha! I used to think thats what they all wanted they just acted nice.
I felt I didn't deserve there kindess.
Thats what I 'thought'.
Every night crying my self asleep,
every night thinking of how to kill my self,
every night praying...

praying God would kill...
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great band. make sure आप listen with the volume up and earphones in. it's the best way to listen to संगीत
लॉस्ट within
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everything goes black
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What exactly is depression? Is it when आप stab your arm, just to feel? Is it a broken heart, a sense of feeling but nothing?

Depression is walking slow, afraid.
Depression are the cuts and scars on your body, haunting every little piece of आप that's about to crumble.

Depression is a loss, a death of what आप were, who आप are now.

Depression is a disorder, depression is anything but normal.

Depression is a child screaming for help as a parent holds it's neck.

Depression is a teenager trying to fit in their new school, just trying to make a friend.

Depression is an adult, hunting for that job...
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