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 Demi Lovato - Body Say
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Demi Lovato Drops Brand New Single 'Body Say'
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"La La Land"

I am confident but
I still have my moments.
Baby, that's just me.

I'm not a supermodel,
[CD version:] I still eat McDonald's.
[video version:] I still eat at Ronald's.
Baby, that's just me.

Well, some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
Because of where I
Had my start and where I made my name
Well everything's the same
In the la-la land machine, machine.

Who कहा I can't wear my कॉनवर्स with my dress?
Well, baby, that's just me!

And who कहा I can't be single
And have to go out and mingle
Baby, that's not me, no, no.

Well, some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
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 Selena Is So Proud Of Demi<3
Selena Is So Proud Of Demi<3
प्रशंसकों AND फ्रेंड्स CHEER DEMI ON

The congrats keep coming in on Twitter for Demi: प्रशंसकों and फ्रेंड्स want to tell what an amazing job she's done.

Demi's BBF Selena Gomez of course also had kind words for Demi. Sel and Demi may not be as close as before, but that doesn't mean she's not proud of her.

“SO, SO proud of @ddlovato #skyscraper Incredible, beautiful and so inspiring..” कहा Sel, to which Demi responded:“@selenagomez Aw I प्यार आप so much, thanks lady!!”.

"Katy Perry wanted to say congrats as well:The new song गगनचुंबी इमारत द्वारा @ddlovato is pure perfection. Her voice is one of the BEST undiscovered beauties. Can't wait for the full record."

Ashley Tisdale added: “Loving @ddlovato new song #skyscraper. Her voice is absolutely amazing”.

“Skyscraper” the video is to come out soon, so we'll keep आप posted!
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Okay, we ALL know that shes in a treatment center. But the reason why is NONE OF OUR BUISNESS, आप GUYS!

People, I understand your प्रशंसकों of Demi and आप want your facts straight, but how would आप feel if आप were getting talked about because आप went to a treatment center? No good huh?

So, this Demi in rehab, stop. Its annoying AND sad. Please, its giving haters and प्रशंसकों a headache! So what? Her shows on hold? I don't care. New episodes are coming up anyway.

Now that I have gotten आप to shush, lets see...Mmmhmm...

STOP! I understand this is all new! Please, if आप see a प्रशंसक या two talking about it, tell them to mind their own buissness. I feel bad for Demi, but I'm happy shes getting the help that she needs. आप should be too. I don't give a f*** about why shes there, I still प्यार her. Its not like a Lindsay Lohan case!

Thank you,

LOL, [Lots of Love]

No offense though...
Da da da da da, da da da da
Oooooo yeah

Now आप told me on a Sunday
That it wasn't gonna work
I tried to cry myself to sleep
'Cause it was supposed to hurt
We sat अगला to the fire
As the flame was burning out
I knew what आप were thinking
Before you'd say it aloud

Don't say you're sorry, 'cause I'm not even breaking
You're not worth the time that this is taking

I knew better than to let आप break my heart
This soul you'll never see again, won't be दिखा रहा है scars
You still प्यार her I can see it in your eyes
The truth is all that I can hear
Every time आप lie
Every time आप lie
Every time आप lie

I woke up the next...
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