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 Demi Lavoto photoshoot (HQ)
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Demi Lavoto photoshoot (HQ)
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This डेमी लोवाटो चित्र might contain hip boot, thigh boot, playsuit, and नाटककार.

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A deluxe edition of Demi Lovato's debut studio album "Don't Forget" is confirmed to be dropped on March 31. Released as limited edition CD and DVD, it will include her hit singles "La La Land" and "Get Back" as well as 2 brand new bonus tracks, "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Lo Que Soy".

Additionally, the DVD Experience will feature "Don't Forget" live performance, "La La Land" and "Get Back" संगीत वीडियो and Demi in the studio. On चोटी, शीर्ष of that, behind the scenes of Jonas Brothers' "Burnin' Up" tour and चित्र slideshow will also be included.

Demi Lovato has just wrapped up a bunch of New York's press...
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