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posted by WammysBoyzRock
Sunlight poured through the window and filled her room. Saki sat up and stretched. She was now 16 years old. The memory of the दिन she लॉस्ट three people who meant the world to her was still fresh in her mind....

She got up and dressed then headed downstairs.

"Any signs of Kira?"

"Not yet," Matt typed away on his laptop, "Still getting the same signals as last time."

"Keep searching," Saki grabbed her कोट off the back of the couch, "I'm going out. Contact me if आप find anything," she left and headed down the sidewalk.

16 years...Kira WOULD be caught. She'd see to that.
posted by b-and-v
 Courage is not having the strength to go on, its going on when आप dont have the strength.
Courage is not having the strength to go on, its going on when you dont have the strength.
Volpes opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was the white ceiling, then, she looked down and saw a clock on the wall: 3:20 pm. Then, after looking to her right, she saw Mello. She could remember everything: shooting Takada, accidentally injuring herself; but she had no idea how she got here. Although it was obvious that this was a hospital. It must've been him who brought her here, there was no doubt in that. Volpes focused her gaze on Mello. He looked bewildered. She grinned.
"What's with that face?" she asked.
"They told me that आप were supposed to wake up tomorrow..." he answered. "I......
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I first read link in 2009, and I’m rereading it again. The first time I read it I was like, “cool! Almost a perfect crime!” and came to the point of comparing it to Dostoyevsky’s works.

But yesterday, when I reread it, I realized, yes, it's good, but it's not the best detective story in the world. My reasons? Keep on पढ़ना , I'll let आप know.

1. The victims have [overly] ridiculous names. Okay, we know Mr. Ishin (Another Note's author) is a japanese, and that japanese names have meanings, like Yagami as "night" and "god" that can be taken literally. But Backyard Bottomslash? Quarter...
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