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posted by PrincessAyeka12
Song of the Body

With the गढ़, महल in the distance
We stopped on a hill
I heard familiar rumbling down below on the road
The Garthim had raided my village
Returning to the castle

I wasted no time
Ordered my landstrider to race into battle
I charged down the hill
I didn't look back

Focused on the battle
I forgot about Jen
I forgot he couldn't speak to animals
I forgot all about him

Before I could head back
My landstrider rose
I slid off falling on my face

To my surprise
Jen came and sat beside me
I gasped in relief
Perhaps slightly breathless
Together we set the podlings free
But the then the garthim cornered us
I couldn't...
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I've written three out of five poems so far about Kira's life. It took me about three hours each to write these. Now technically they're too long to be poems and are और like mini-epic short stories but I've written them in verse form so there poems, deal with it!

Also I started लेखन this before the news about the sequel came out so it's written as if the sequel doesn't exist.

Enjoy and if आप like it, leave feedback! (If you're not big with the words, just a simple "I प्यार it, please write more" would do just fine)

Disclaimer: The Dark Crystal is owned द्वारा Jim Henson and Kindala is John A...
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Juliet Cruz -- Ocarina
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The Dark Crystal comes in at number #1 on the चोटी, शीर्ष 10 Underrated कल्पना फिल्में from WatchMojo.com.
the dark crystal
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posted by PrincessAyeka12
Song of the mind

My mother Yrda gave me a gift
It was hand stitched
It was a beautiful hooded dress
A lovely shade of brown
Perfect for travelling in
Perfect to hide my face from spies
Perfect to sit within nature and able to blend in

I within सेकंड्स slipped it on
It was a perfect fit
I kissed her on the cheek
Then paraded around in it

After दिखा रहा है it off
She braided my hair
I pulled up my hood
Carefully trying not to damage my hair

Fizzgig saw me leave on the border of the village
He tried to catch me up
I could hear him whinging behind me

I ran deeper into the swamps
Fizzgig no longer behind me
He must have...
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