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Dane Cook's Isolated Incident is in stores now, make sure आप check it out and pick up your copy today!

I think this is really funny, and Dane always makes me laugh. I've loved Dane Cook ever since Vicious वृत्त and remember hanging out in my Bedroom with my best friend. Dane has a hilarious and sometimes incredibly crude sense of humor that will either make आप laugh out loud या cringe a little. I think it depends on how uptight आप are, I wouldn't suggest watching this on a first तारीख, दिनांक if you're very ...proper? classy? and uptight?

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posted by ilycowboy2005
Dear Dane cook
my sister and I have spent many hours watching आप on यूट्यूब and been in a lot of pain from laughing and have very many inside jokes thanks to you. My sister Julie and I spontenously decided to take a trip to see your दिखाना all the way from east खाड़ी, बे area California to Los Angeles to see आप on October 3,we were so excited. So the night of your दिखाना we got all dressed up I personally spent an घंटा kn my hair and off we went to see your show. The दिखाना was at the Greek theatre and it was packed that night, we were confused on where to park so we asked a parking helper to tell us...
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