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posted by bronwynr1
It was a rocky first साल but ultimately Tara got everything that she wanted. A place in the चोटी, शीर्ष dance school in the country. फ्रेंड्स she’ll know forever. She fell in प्यार – twice! And even danced the role of her dreams.

Second साल should be a piece of cake. When the semester begins Tara is excited about being back at the Academy and thrilled that for the first
time in many years the world’s most prestigious ballet competition the Prix de Fonteyn is going to be held in Sydney.

Through a series of State and National competitions, two girls will be chosen to represent Australia and Tara’s...
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posted by bigbrain101
[After Season 2 Episode 26, Sammy Isn't Dead]
Ben smiled at me. We walked out of the hospital together, Kat and Christian close behind.

"Sammy's going to be okay." I said, mainly to myself. I leaned on Ben's shoulder and sighed.
Kat came running down the steps and pushed me lightly, very lightly. Just not lightly enough. I felt down the rest of the flight of stairs and was very thankful for the soft piece of घास I fell on. Really the only thing I got was a 'Surf's Up' band-aid and some dirt in my mouth. I probably won't be excused from class.
अगला DAY
I woke up right on time,...
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posted by bigbrain101
Abigail's Pov
I wasn't surprised that Tara was there. It just hurt. Seeing her with Ben made me feel even और lonely. All I want is Sammy. I want him to myself. We could run away, but of course, we couldn't. Tara smiled at me, I probably didn't't smile back. Really, I don't care. I picked up my bag and looked around Miss Rains was out of the room and Ben and Tara were no use. I slipped out of the room silently, slinking down the hall like the alley बिल्ली that live in between the company and the academy.
"Isn't it so terrible......" "Shhhh.. Its her." I didn't listen. I learner how to block...
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