Dan and Serena For me, Derena is ....

ranstell2703 posted on Aug 27, 2010 at 04:26PM
List of what truly belongs to Derena

- Winter It's cold. But taking their clothes off isn't a problem when they can heat up themself by their hotness.

- StrawBerry-Chocolate It's was the bus. It's was the mp3. It's was the speed bump. It's a ultimate make out section.

- Sun-shine and Lights Is it just me, or their as their worst when the light is out. When it is dark, when there is no light, is when they WANT to take of the clothes off... but no light, how could they see the sparks ? It isn't just sex what make them hot. It's understanding, and loving, and caring. They make out in the day. When their as their best !

- A fairytale Opposite attract. They like a magnet. Let's just stop thinking..-Serena in hales heavily- and follow our heart ! - She grabs his collar and they start kissing

- ENDGAME it's true. they're meant to be. They're like THE couple in fairytale, it's like love at first sight + mix with caring and respect <3

Finish this list..... Add your own.... SHow your love for Derena
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