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हे everyone! This is और of a rant because there is a lot that I need to get out of my chest.
What I'm about to write down are my opinion about the TVD characters. Feel free to voice out anything that आप disagree with.
English is not my first language so if I make any grammatical या punctual mistake then please forgive me.

Okay! so lets get started with my favourite TVD characters this season.

1. DAMON SALVATORE- Have आप ever loved a character so much that आप just want to run off into the TV screen and hug him/her? Well that's the case with me whenever I see this guy on-screen. When I started...
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Oh boy...THIS episode had me reeling for hours afterward. My thoughts were basically any other DE fan's that were heartbroken. Honestly I felt for Elena this episode...Stefan and Caroline were REALLY annoying me! It felt to me like they treated her vampirism and her feelings for Damon like it's a disease! Also not only did Caroline not give her the time of day, but Stefan acted in a way that was COMPLETELY uncalled for & put Elena in danger because it seems like they both cannot accept that Damon and Elena's feelings for each other could be real.

The original thoughts in my mind were...
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posted by DelenaLove1
I’ve been hearing all about Bamon and how Damon and Bonnie will be the best coupling on the दिखाना but I just can’t see it. DB’ers have asked me why I don’t ship them so i’ll give them my चोटी, शीर्ष five reasons.

1. Why do आप ship Bamon?

There’s absolutely no good reason to ship them. I’ve heard from BD प्रशंसकों that Ian and Kat have the best chemistry on the show. That’s a matter of opinion and I disagree. Bonnie and Damon have zero chemistry with each other, none. And most of the scenes they have together are forced and the supposed UST between them is never there. I can’t see them together...
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posted by delenasalvatore
Before Season 2 drew to a close, it had not been particularly DE (or indeed, प्यार triangle) friendly. Instead, the writers chose to do the unthinkable, and throw the त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज right off its tracks, slowing the development of DE's relationship right down until आप began to wonder if it was moving anywhere at all. But all the anguish, blood, sweat and tears DE went through (not to mention the fans), were worth it. It made the finale even और rewarding in the end. I know that some DE shippers think that 2x21 was the turning point we'd been waiting for, but for me, the finale was the turning point...
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