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 Damon ♥ Elena 5X16
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damon and elena
damon & elena
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So I just read the tv Fanatic लेख about DE, and I saw a lot of SE प्रशंसकों saying otherwise, so I just gonna post this here.
Maybe it's my DE दिल but I do think Damon and Elena are the best couple ever.
I think the beautiful thing about DE is that Damon was this bad vampire that didn't care about anybody, but then Elena came to picture, and she started to challenge him, understand him, they started to have their bantering, their own way to talk with each other, a connection have been made. Damon never had anyone to care about him, just to be there for the bad and good times, he always hid his...
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हे guys, I don't know if आप know this but Damon and Elena's 1 साल anniversary since they first met is coming up (according to the shows timeline) and we're going to celebrate it over on Twitter द्वारा attempting a very special trend. So if आप have Twitter and are available at the time below please come over and try to help us.
We are trending "Damon Elena Anniversary" on 10/27 (Thursday)


2pm EST, 11am PST, 8pm European Time, 7pm UK & 3pm Brazil

Hope to see आप guys over there :]
**********I figured some of आप would enjoy these. I will only put the ones from Shadow Souls. For now. I included the page numbers but I am not sure if they will work for the actual पुस्तकें and not just the e-books, which is what I have and what I got them from.***********

*******PAGE 20********
"Semi-consciously, Elena let her aura expand, and met a mind almost at once. To her surprise, it recoiled from her. That wasn’t right. She managed
to snag it before it could retreat behind a great hard stone, like a boulder. The only things left outside the boulder—which reminded her of a picture of...
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WARNING...If आप ship Bamon, do not read! I repeat, DO NOT READ!!!

*This लेख deals with दिखाना Bamon, not Book Bamon.

I nearly didn't प्रकाशित करे this because I was worried that it might instigate a shipper war and that's the last thing I want. I've found that Bamon can be a bit of a smoking gun in DE's fanspot, and Bamon shippers have sometimes wandered in of their own sweet will and read things about their beloved ship which were intended for Delena fans, and as आप can guess, the results weren't pretty. I was also a bit scared in case I turned the presence of Bamon into a bigger deal than they...
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