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posted by keninv
The young vampire just turned 16, but that is not what has caught our attention...

Dakota actually left her house wearing this strange, bold, horrible (?) outfit. We are really not sure just how to define and describe this outfit.

She was wearing a brown mini skirt, a black shirt, and a white jacket. That was all OK. But then with the ripped leggings, and the Doc Martens - she looks a bit और rocker.

But then, on चोटी, शीर्ष of all of this, a crown! She didn't want to wear gloves या a हार as accessories, but instead a tiara. Like a princess!

What do आप think about this style? Cool या over the चोटी, शीर्ष crazy?
Dakota Fanning

D.O.B: February 23, 1994
Home town: Conyers, Georgia
Star sign: Aquarius

Introducing Dakota Fanning. A talented actress who we just know won’t go down the same path as so many child stars before her.

Dakota is pretty much guaranteed to be the अगला big thing, and we know this purely from her अभिनय ability alone. आप probably remember her from I Am Sam and War Of The Worlds- yup, that's right, that gorgeous little girl was Dakota.

But at 15-years-old, Dakota has decided she wants to do some और mature and grown up roles, and shed her little girl image. Which is fine द्वारा us, as she's...
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Dakota Fanning is just about to turn 16 and looking good, decided to pose for V Magazine.

No one would guess that the girl pictured here is 16. She looks so much older! Don't आप think so?
Dakota posed with her hair teased out and an enigmatic look very similar to that of 60's actress Brigitte Bardot. If आप look at the two images, आप will notice that the two look a lot alike.

Dakota talked about her experience making The Runaways in an interview with the magazine. "It is a true story about a good girl from a small town and how she transforms into a bad princess of rock and roll," कहा the...
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posted by anna_bella_duff
Age 17

"When आप choose to do this with your life, you’re in the public and people watch you...But I’d rather do this than not." [On Growing up in the Spotlight]

Age 16

none yet

Age 15

"I loved it. I loved the wardrobe so much everyday, and i got to keep it all so, that's the best part" [On the wardrobe from The Runaways]

"My mom hasn't seen it [The runaways]" [On who has seen The Runaways from her family]

"I think that when you’re in the public eye, आप automatically become a role model, because people are पढ़ना about आप and looking at pictures of stuff you’ve done. But, आप know,...
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