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posted by Hilary_Bells
Dakota said:
"I've been asking for years to get a part on स्किन्स because I've always loved the series and wanted to be in it. Finally this साल I'm old enough to play a part! It's crazy to be part of this स्किन्स phenomenon, it's as much a lifestyle choice as anything because of the attention that comes with it. We are eight फ्रेंड्स on screen as well off screen so we have the same dynamic that you'll see in the series."

स्किन्स is a लोकप्रिय English दिखाना with 4 seasons already aired on the E4 channel. The story follows a group of teenagers from Bristol and their life. Every 2 seasons there's a new generations, with a brand new cast. Dakota will be in seasons 5 and 6.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Dakota is getting creative and designing an envelope that will be sold to the public to help raise money for the National Literacy Trust.

The special one-off envelopes will be sold on eBay from 12th March 2012 until 22nd March 2012. Proceeds from the auction will go straight to the National Literacy Trust. A charity that works in disadvantaged communities across the UK, helping people to gain the literacy skills they need for success.

If आप want to see Dakota's and any other celebrity envelopes then head over to the campaigns website.

I will start of द्वारा saying how great Dakota Blue Richards is! Now facts!

Did आप know that Dakota's middle name 'Blue' was दिया to her because her fathers nickname was Blue and her mum thought it went very well with Dakota.

She तारा, स्टार Sign is Aries

She was in Jacqueline Wilson's Dusbin Baby, as the main character, April.

She played Lyra in the film The Golden Compass.

When she knew she got the part, she had come घर in a grumpy mood from something bad at school. When she got the call, Dakotas mum tried to put them on speaker, but accidently hung up! They rung back up and the first thing Dakota did is ring her best friend.
She plays the main character in The Secret of Moonacre.

She got the part for a secret of Moonacre without audition.