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Source: CBS
It`s been confirmed that Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe) is pregnant with her सेकंड child:

"CSI: NY - Anna is pregnant and so is Lindsay
From the new TV Guide: CSI:NY's Anna Belknap is adding to her family; her सेकंड child is due अगला year. "They are not planning on hiding it," she tells TV Guide about the pregnancy written into her story line."

But unlike her last pregnancy which envovled her being taken out the दिखाना for a while, this pregnancy is being written into the show, Anna`s character Lindsay Monroe going to reavel she`s preggers and Danny`s the daddy.

"CSI: NY - Danny and Lindsay are...
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An auction selling jewelry takes a deadly turn. The case takes the team to try and understand the Holocaust. Mac learns और about why one family member went through it. Uploaded द्वारा Liketheworld24 on youtube.
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You'll sleep like a corpse!
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