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Petition supporting Coreys family, sister, six degrees of hell movie makers and his fanbase to get him a तारा, स्टार on the Walk of Fame.


"“My family is so happy with the #givecoreyastar! campaign! Thanks to everyone involved esp @6degreesofhell and some special fans!”"- Cari Haim

“March 19, 2012 - Strong efforts are underway to help COREY get his Hollywood Star!" -

Go visit and शामिल होइए the one and only official campaign group on Facebook——


the lovely Jennifer can be found @neverforgethaim

Follow her on twitter also for अपडेट्स to the campaign.

“As the film’s screenwriter...
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posted by pinkfly
A piece of our childhood died today with the death of Corey Haim.

We watched the तारा, स्टार struggle to reclaim his once infamous persona on The Two Corey’s. Sadly in his death he may achieve the goal that he has struggled so hard to reclaim. If आप have ever struggled with an addiction where it’s food, cigarettes या drugs as well than आप know the hurdles Corey faced everyday. Don’t let the drugs be the ultimate winner. For his family and his loved ones make Corey’s goals your goals, become प्रशंसकों of all of his प्रशंसक sights and फेसबुक pages.

I wouldn’t normally write a blog like this but...
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