Comitclan Bloodclan

brightclaw posted on Mar 15, 2011 at 12:57AM
leader-() shadowstar-a brown tom with gray eyes.evil



medicine cat-

Silverpaq-(jbinthehouse) a beautiful silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

jawgaze-(brightclaw) a black tom with four white paws.evil

darkfoot-() a gray she-cat with black spots on her paws

ashfur-() a dark gray she-cat whit blue eyes

icekit-()a blue tom with icey blue eyes. son of skyheart

graykit-()a gray with stripe tom with hazel eyes.son of


rainkit-() a gray red tom.son of skyheaert

waterkit-() a light tortoiseshell she-cat.daughter of skyheart

windkit-() a white and black she-cat.daughter of skyheart

sockkit-() a brown and white she-cat.daughter of skyheart

sandkit-() a sandy color she-cat with green eyes.daughter of ashfur

smallkit-() a white she-cat with yellow eyes.daughter of ashfur

runningkit-() a small black tom with orange eyes.son of ashfur

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना jbinthehouse said…
Silverpaq- a beautiful silver tabby shecat with blue eyes
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brightclaw said…
warrior or deputy
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brightclaw said…
*came to the enterce of bloodclan and the cats looked at him*-skyheart

*got up*skyheart is that you?-darkfoot

yes its me mother-skyheart

oh skyheart!*rush to his side*oh how i miss you.where is your brother?-darkfoot

he's in our new clan-skyheart

you came here to stay with us?-darkfoot

no i came to restore the clan it was before shadowstar came-skyheart

since you are here why don't you meet your kits they always asking about you-darkfoot

*nods and follow darkfoot*-skyheart
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना brightclaw said…
hey kits i bought someone that you will like to meet-darkfoot

who?! who?! darkfoot-sockkit

yeah who?-waterkit

can you quit saying the same thing!-windkit

yeah so what-rainkit

you guys are so boring-graykit

yeah i agree with you graykit-icekit

oh yeah how about this*start to fight with graykit*-waterkit

hey don't leave me out!-rainkit

don't worry they won't*start to fight him too*-icekit

kits!kits! this is a small nursery den*they didn't listen to her*-ashfur

that's enough-skyheart

no leave them they will be a great warriors skyheart-shadowstar

*mad* no they won't at long as i'm here shadowstar-skyheart

*stop fight and went running behind ashfur and darkfoot*-kits

*growl*you may take your leave shadowstar and leave leafpelt and mine's kits alone-skyheart

fine but i shall remind you that leafpelt is my half-sister-shadowstar

but that doesn't mean that you can kill her and my father-skyheart

oh yes i remember that leader was it cloudstar ah yes it was well i'll be leaving*left*-shadowstar

you can come out now he left already*they came out of darkfoot and ashfur*-skyheart

your our father?-icekit

yes i am icekit-skyheart


can you stay here with us?-rainkit

he can't rainkit he promise his leader to come back-darkfoot


i have to restore the clan the way it was-skyheart


don't be sad sandkit my leader said to bring every kits in this camp and bring them to jungleclan-skyheart

skyheart are you sure? is my kits are going to be safe there?-ashfur

i erasure you that the clan that riverpaw and me in is safe-skyheart

*nods*ok when are we leaving?-ashfur

maybe at sunset when every cat is sleeping-skyheart

we are going with father-windkit