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I wunted to talk about Cody Simpson for a long time.Cody Simpson I think your hot या cute but a first I thougt Cody was not.But then I heard him sing and saw him then I loved him.But my फ्रेंड्स dont know who he is but my friend Kira and Robin knows who he is.I thoght no one know who he was then I looked a round on google.But he is so so so cute,and I like him in these whase 1:bloned hair 2:how he talks 3:his smile 4:his eyes 5:who he is 6:where he comes from 7:every thing about him.Now he is all over the world and I dont know him but his cute.
If you’re thinking about embracing your inner mean girl, think again: It’s officially totally uncool to be a bully. Just ask the bajillion celebs who have taken a stand against the practice. Okay, so all kidding aside, it wasn’t ever cool to bully, but we’re super happy that so many of our प्रिय have decided to use their popularity to support such a great cause. And so many of them have, that we just had to do a roundup of our प्रिय हाल का anti-bullying efforts!

Cody Simpson: Defeat the Label – Cody just joined the ranks of anti-bullying warriors with his involvement in the...
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posted by wtice11
I'm sleeping through the day
I'm trying not to fade
But every single night I've just been lying awake
Cause I, I can't get आप off my mind

The moment that we met, I didn't know yet
That I was looking at a face I'll never forget
Cause I, I can't get आप off my mind
I can't get आप off my mind

Give me the chance to प्यार you
I'll tell आप the only reason why
Cause आप are on my mind
I want to know आप feel it
What do आप see when आप close your eyes
Cause आप are on my mind

I want to be best
I want to be worst
I want to be the gravity in your universe
And I, I want to be there to help आप fly
I'll help आप fly...
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The way of doing business has been changed a lot, off late. Traditional family shops are a rare and endangered species now. Now, if आप are doing any business and want to grow your business beyond a particular boundary, then आप have to think of the box. आप can’t grow beyond a tiny level with the old world ideas. आप need to embrace the new ideas. What about link?

What is a Franchise

A franchise of your business will sell either your products या services या both of them, on behalf of you. आप have to share the profit with the franchises. आप will appoint the franchisees and set a guideline...
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I was walking घर one दिन when i crossed the road i saw cody simpson at my front door talking to my sister.I felt sooo excited cody was there but yet nervouse how would i get in my house without making a fool of myself."Uhgg i hate it when the king of crap happens.i said."Oh jenna there आप are i thought आप would be late today" my sister yelled.I shrugged my shoulders and noticed cody looking at me i felt way to excited to do anything but walk the rest of the way.When i got into the house my sister कहा cody was here for me.I walked to the door and i felt nervouse so cody started taling."I...
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posted by Kaitybell
Darlin I kno ur hearts seen better times I kno our songs had better rhymes b4 2day(NNNOOO)
Darlin I guess I made the wronge mistakes I understand if u need ur अंतरिक्ष plz take ur time
B4 u go away u need 2 relize baby it's not just u u kno it hurts me 2 watchin u leave with tears on ur sleave notice that mine aren't exactly dry baby it's not just u that's hurtin it's me 2
i'm sorry I wasn't there 2 catch the fall I didn't hear u when u called all of those nites
Plz don't 4get the good days with me I make back the दिल achin beat when it gets dark and it's hard 2 c we'll turn on the lights
b4 u go away u need 2 relize baby it's not just u ukno it hurts me 2 watchin u leave with tears on ur sleave notice that mine aren't exactly dry baby it's not just u that's hurtin it's me 2 (yeah ohohoh)it's me 2
Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance are in the middle of their “Waiting 4 U Tour” and are making all the stops along the way, including a very important one at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida! Greyson and Cody popped द्वारा the amusement park and had an amazing time riding rides, eating yummy snacks and just enjoying some free time with their फ्रेंड्स and family. Here are a couple चित्रो they wanted to share with you!
Are they related? Cody Simpson poses with Bart Simpson at The Simpsons Ride at Universal. How fun!
Greyson enjoys a frosty Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter during his visit.
Do आप प्यार amusement parks and roller coaster rides? Tell me what your प्रिय theme park in the entire world is!
Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance are not just having a blast touring together right now, they’re also learning so much about each other on the road and Cody felt like sharing it with आप guys! He 5 facts आप may not know have known about Greyson on his website. Here they are:

He has an awesome record collection (Elton John, Prince) and LP player on the bus.
He loves to pull pranks (especially with silly string!)
He’s a night owl!
Greyson loves to sing the new Lady Gaga song on the bus! “Judasss Judasss!”
He has the fridge stocked with Lunchables. (Actually they are sponsoring our tour!)
He also पोस्टेड a चित्र of him and Greyson दिखा रहा है them lounging on the bus in pajamas!
Can आप guys come up with your most creative, funny and original caption for what the boys are thinking in the चित्र above? प्रस्तुत करे your जवाब in the टिप्पणियाँ below!
posted by equino02
ok well not every body like Cody Simpson but to me i प्यार him with all my heart. u cant make a person like him. im going to say this for all of u CODY SIMPSON HATERS!!! Cody Simpson is generous,loving,caring<333 Cody Simpson is special to me n to some people. he makes me feel special with his songs. u cant always go for the looks in guys. u also have to go for the personality. what im saying is dont judge a person द्वारा how he looks. some people judged Justin Bieber द्वारा how he looked. look where it brought him. he's stronger than ever. DONT EVER EVER!!! JUDGE A PERSON द्वारा HOW THEY LOOK!!!



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posted by jdblover4life
चोटी, शीर्ष Back, Hands Up, Radio On

With my girlfriend, just us, they playing our song and yeah

Ain't nothing like a summertime ride

Ain't nothing like the summertime

I can't help but stare at her

Even when the other girls are passing by

She got my full attention

And I can't keep her of my mind

One look at you, that's when I knew

That nothing else matters

As the wind blows through her hair

She got me praying that summer never ends

Cuz summer loves just not enough for me

So lets make it last forever

Top Back, Hands Up, Radio On

With my girlfriend, just us, they playing our song and yeah

Ain't nothing like a summertime...
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posted by jdblover4life
You're perfect
You're perfect girl
You're my perfect girl

Here I am,
Sitting outside your door
In the rain,
In the pain it's worth it
You are my life
I won't lie
But I've never seen a girl so fine
Since I've been alive

You're perfect
I know it
You're perfect girl

I will do anything to be with you
There's nothing, in the world
To make me, give up girl

I will do anything to be with you
If that's what it takes, whatever it takes
I've got what it takes

I'll wait for you,
To turn your head around
That's why we'll leave the ground,
We'll fly to the stars my sky,
Now I wanna be द्वारा your side, till the end...
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posted by jdblover4life
Sh-Shorty who dat- who dat आप think always missing you
I-I-I cannot get enough of चुंबन you
I dont cry-ry-ry ok I shed a tear या two
On the grind yeah but girl ain't no forgetting आप cuz

Every मिनट every सेकंड every घंटा of the day
Every घंटा of the day
Everytime that I'm away
Missing You, Missing You

Every moment that is stolen
it can never be replaced
Even if it's for a day
I'm a text आप up to say
Missing you, Missing You

Oh baby whenever I'm gone
I'm wishing I was back home
I can feel your दिल when we're apart
Girl I'm on my way trust every word I say
I can't wait...
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posted by jdblover4life
i'm so much और than cody simpson
gotta alot in me gotta get it out
what have i gotta do to make आप listen
so much और than just a sound
(its much और than a sound)

oh oh yeah
this is exactly what ive been dreaming of
oh oh yeha
can आप believe in me see what i can see

all i need is one one one
all we need is one one one
all i need is one one one
all we need is one one one

its my dream my घर my life my soul
my dance my song my प्यार lives on

(my dream my dream my dream my dream my dream my dream my dream my dream my dream)

im begining to imagine (begining to believe)
What am i really trying to...
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posted by jdblover4life
Cody (Joesph) Simpson is a Austrailian native that moved to LA (US) looking for a job in the संगीत world were he was full of chances (because of his many यूट्यूब वीडियो of him singing) to become what he has dreamed about, his birthday is 1-11-1997 and he has 2 sibilings, one boy and one girl named Alli and Tom he is currently in Austrailia but in 3 weeks he should be moving back to the US to stay his parents are currently not divorced there names are Brad and Angie and for now he has 4 songs "One","Perfect","Summertime", and "iyiyi" featuring Flo Rida (he is making a video and it will be out sometime in June and the song will be out on June 1st on itunes) although Cody is only 13 i have felling he will be in the संगीत world for a long time, topping the charts, stealing all the girls hearts he could have.
(loving Cody today)