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posted by cleo-mermaid
ok so these are things that आप should know about me या आप may need/want to know about me!!! =D

hi, my name is cleo
my fave band: black eyed pees

my fave singers: justin bieber, usher, avril
lavigne, chris brown, christina grimmie, ke$ha.

my fave color: purple/blue

my fave song: और by:Usher-it blows my friggen mind!!

my least प्रिय song: whip my hair by:willow smith-ehh its a freaky song...

my प्रिय number: 6 and 7-there easy

my प्रिय thing to do when i'm bored: listen to music

my प्रिय word: lol- i know its weird!!

i;m from australia
i'm 17
my birthday is march 1 1994

i प्यार how i met your mother-its a show..

my यूट्यूब obbsetions: i प्यार jamie laou, christina grimmie, the key of awsome, the midnight beast. loads more!!

i'm emo

these are things that are about me =D
 christina grimmie-my fave यूट्यूब singer
christina grimmie-my fave youtube singer