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* Throughout Season 4, Emilie de Ravin wore a long blond wig due to cutting her hair into a 1920's style bob for her role in the 2009 film, "Public Enemies" (in which she co-starred alongside Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Channing Tatum).
* Emilie de Ravin has had the most changes in contract out of all cast members. From "Pilot, Part 1" to "Homecoming", Emilie de Ravin was actually a guest star, possibly on a holding contract, meaning she had legal obligations to portray Claire when need be throughout the original 13 ordered episodes (after the "Pilot"), but could pursue other work, as...
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posted by marissa
 A pregnant Claire stands द्वारा the water in the Pilot
A pregnant Claire stands by the water in the Pilot
There's a theory floating around that Claire is already dead, she died when her house was rocketed. As of now, she is a ghost या apparition, similar to Christian Shepard या Charlie.

For the theory

- Claire wasn't hurt, even though the entire house was destroyed.
- Claire thought Sawyer was Charlie when he first found her. It is possible that she actually was talking to Charlie, before she came to.
- This is why she leaves with Christain, another apparition, and leaves Aaron.
- After Sawyer rescues Claire, he asks if she is all right. She उत्तरों with somethign along the lines of "at least I'm not...
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