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The earliest version of the story of सिंडरेला originated in China around A.D. 860. It appeared in Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang द्वारा Tuan Ch'eng-Shih, a book which dates from the Tang Dynasty.

The best-known versions were written द्वारा French लेखक Charles Perrault in 1697, based on a common folk tale earlier recorded द्वारा Giambattista Basile as La Gatta Cenerentola in 1634, and the Brothers Grimm in the early 1800s.

Cinderella is the twelfth animated feature in the डिज़्नी animated features canon. It was released to theaters on February 15, 1950.

Made on the cusp between the classic "golden...
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Watching Disney’s live action सिंडरेला was like a fun IMDB® game for me – so many familiar British actors! The kind आप can kind of place but aren’t super famous enough to remember their actual names, even for me, whose brain houses all sorts of useless knowledge about movie trivia. For example, आप have your Downton Abbey cast members in सिंडरेला (Lily James, aka Lady Rose), evil stepsister Dresilla (Sophie McShera, aka Daisy). Then आप also have your Game of Thrones cast in the Prince (Robb Stark या in reality, Richard Madden) and the Captain (Nonso Anozie, a prince of Qarth)....
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I didn’t think I would get to go to the ball.
My stepsisters ripped up my dress after all.
Then out of nowhere my Fairy Godmother appeared.
And she told me not to fear.
She कहा she would take care of everything.
Then she took out her magic wand, and started to swing.
She made me a beautiful carriage out of a pumpkin!
She looked at me and began to grin.
She transformed my rags into the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.
It was so pretty I could’ve passed as a Queen!
I even had shoes made out of glass.
I was ready to go, at last!
She told me it would only last until midnight,
And I told her that...
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posted by deltabannermen
सिंडरेला doesn't seem the most obvious choice to base a platform game on and yet there is a निनटेंडो Gameboy Advance शीर्षक that does just that.

Following the story of सिंडरेला pretty closely, including a number of slightly jerky cut scenes, players guide characters through a variety of side-scrolling levels. Some levels feature Cinderella, some feature Jaq and Gus as the player-controlled character.

The opening level involves सिंडरेला making her way through the खेत के पास का घेरा, फार्महार्ड, farmyard and surrounding fields gathering apples and feeding horses. It's not the most taxing, nor most fun of levels. The next...
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सिंडरेला गढ़, महल and Wishing Well

I've written many posts about the various attractions in डिज़्नी theme parks based around the films I've been watching. Some have been prominent rides such as Snow White's Scary Adventure या Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Others have been obscure areas such as the Fantasia golfing attraction या ephemeral like Bambi's presence in the parks. Some have merely been meet and greets.

Cinderella, however, is a film whose impact on डिज़्नी theme parks is huge. It forms, after all, the centre-piece of डिज़्नी World itself - Cinderella's Castle; a massive structure visible...
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posted by deltabannermen
A डिज़्नी Tale: A young girl is forced into drudgery द्वारा her step-family, only to win the दिल of the kingdom's Prince and live happily ever after.

Disney Hero: Ostensibly, the 'hero' of सिंडरेला is the Prince (never actually referred to as Prince Charming, despite that being what he is generally known as today. Some sources have him named as Henry.). It is he who romances सिंडरेला and desires her as his wife after the ball. But, actually, the real हीरोस of सिंडरेला - for me - are Jaq and Gus, Cinderella's mice friends. They are the one's who rescue सिंडरेला from her attic room. Jaq...
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