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चौडर, चाउडर, चावडर
chowder:wow mung its a nosehair trimer

mung daal:well चौडर, चाउडर, चावडर आप got to know the price first

chowder:well mung I just know the price off of my laptop

mung daal:well चौडर, चाउडर, चावडर how much is it a measly $1.00

chowder:heres the price

mung daal:oh my goodness चौडर, चाउडर, चावडर thats alot of money आप have a look at it shnitzel

shnitzel:rada rada rada rada rada!

mung daal:yes आप are in every part of way correct shnitzel


chowder:well I still got a cloning machine just take an ordinary dollar bill and clone it to make a million dollars hahahahahahahahaha


(everyone who is curiose of how much the nosehair trimer was it was 3000000 dollars ya I bet आप would kill चौडर, चाउडर, चावडर that is alot of money isint it?)MERRY KNISHMAS!
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soulja boy
c.h greenblat
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crank that
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posted by L4D_L4D2Fanatic
This is my made up Recepe.
First:add a केकड़ा cakes inner lining Second:Add cooked Sing beans to a seperate bowl.Third:Add floss berrie tie this around a sing bean
Forth:Add a cut Crazy fruit
Fith:Add Tonuts minitureized द्वारा Cinamini powder to the first bowl Sixth:Add a Bluenanas gooey center shaped like a Rectangular prism
Seventh:Bake both for 5 मिनटों a 120 degrees
Eighth:Take of ओवन dump Sing beans and the choped Crazy फल into the first bowl
Ninth:Put in ओवन for 20 मिनटों at 300 degrees
Tenth:Once आप take it out the Cake should have a Bluenana stage,an inner lining of a केकड़ा cake held to the चोटी, शीर्ष of the stage with toenuts,a Crazy फल audience,and Sing beans on stage singing
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