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posted by RagsDaniels
October 8, 1967, 'Che' Ernesto Guevara was executed... या so the world believed.

Inspired द्वारा a true sequence of events, ’Lallapaloosa’ tells in flashback the story leading up to the betrayal and 'capture' of the worlds most famous revolutionary and master of disguise.

Original, fast moving, and atmospheric to the last whiff of a Partagas cigar, it begins thirty years after the event with a series of sinister murders against a fraternity of retired mercenaries who, having fought alongside 'Che' in the Congo, grouped for one last mission in the jungles of Bolivia.

For thirty years, Richard Strang, thought he shared the worlds best kept secret with no one. Then one summer evening, the tap of a blind man's cane, and a nose for the toasted Cuban leaf, changed all that.