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June 11, 2003 11:02 PM<
A dark figure climbed up the mansion walls and onto a balcony. The figure opened a window and climbed in. The figure was in the master bedroom. It removed a painting from the दीवार revealing a safe. The figure had little trouble opening the सुरक्षित and proceeded to steal a very valuable diamond ring.
~*~ 11:21 PM
A limo pulled up to the mansion, the driver John opened the door and Tad and Blair Warner emerge.
"Thank you, John." Tad said. "We'll see आप in the morning."

The limo drives away as Blair and Tad walk up to the front door where they are met द्वारा the butler, Wendell....
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June 14, 2003
The अगला morning Blair and Mrs. Garrett were sitting in the living room drinking tea.
"I noticed आप have some new people on your staff." Mrs. Garrett said. "What are their names?"
"The new security guard is called Bosley." Blair said. "I think it's his last name."
"Jill is our new maid." Blair said. "Jo met her yesterday and thought she was some actress from a '70's TV show."
"Don't आप have a new stable hand too?" Mrs. G asked while taking a drink of tea.
"Yes, her name is Kelly Garrett." Blair said.
Mrs. Garrett started choking on her tea.
"Mrs. Garrett, are आप all right?" Blair asked...
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Kelly and Jill were watching the firefighters put out the flames when something caught Jill's eye. A figure was walking towards the front of the guesthouse with a horse.
"Kelly look its Sabrina!" Jill exclaimed.
Kelly and Jill ran over to Sabrina and gave her hugs.
"Are आप OK?" Jill asked.
"I could've been in there." Sabrina कहा tears running down her face. "I'm fine, I just have a few bumps and bruises."
"Bri, why do आप have Brownie?" Kelly asked. "I thought आप were calling Charlie."
"I called Charlie." Sabrina said. "Then I saw Brownie out back द्वारा himself and when I went out to get him the...
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June 13, 2003
Blair was in the रसोई, रसोईघर early the अगला morning talking to the chef about a cake.". And I want it decorated with गुलाबी roses." Blair said.
The doorbell rang. After answering the door, Wendell came into the kitchen.
"Mrs. Warner there is a young lady here to see you." Wendell said.
"Thank आप Wendell, I'll be there in a minute." Blair said.
"Jim, don't forget to put 'Happy Birthday Madison' in गुलाबी frosting on the cake." Blair said.
"Will do." Jim said.
Blair walked out of the रसोई, रसोईघर and into the living room. Jill was waiting for her.
"Hi" Jill said. "I'm Jill Munroe, your new maid."
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Jamie and Tisha walked into the office of the agency. There was a man sitting behind the desk.
"Can I help you?" He asked.
"We're looking for Charlie." Jamie said.
"I'm Charlie." Charlie said. "How can I help you?"
"We just wanted to know what आप looked like." Tisha said. "We overheard Sabrina talking to आप on the phone and she wouldn't tell us what आप looked like."
"Neither would Kelly, Jill या Bosley." Jamie said.
"I see." कहा Charlie. "The reason Kelly, Jill and Sabrina wouldn't tell आप what I look like is because they don't know, they have never seen me.'
"What about Bosley?" Jamie asked....
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