Chanel Interview सवालों for Chanel प्रशंसकों

Red_Tomato posted on Aug 10, 2011 at 06:14PM
I am interested in how Chanel fans regard their brand. if you have a moment, could you respond to a few of the questions below?

When did you first become aware of Chanel?
When did you buy your first Chanel item and what was it?
Could you please name any Chanel branded products, clothing, jewelry anything that you have ever bought?
Have you ever bought a knock-off? What prompted you to? What did you think of it?
What is the best memory you have of your Chanel apparel/product?
If there were no Chanel, what would life be like?
Are there any other brands that come close (what would your alternative be if you couldn’t buy one?)
What if the logo weren’t on the garment, would you still want to wear it? Why/why not?
If you could talk to Chanel, what would you say?

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