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It's been a while since the Finale of 'Charmed' and Alyssa Milano's presence in गढ़, महल was a huge refresher. So we honestly get to meet Castle's first true love, या as he put it '...the one that got away'. How many of us can relate? First there is the 'let's take a break' test of time, then there is the looking back wondering; what if the one that got away didn't leave?

Milano played Kyra, Castle's past प्यार and the bride who stumbled upon her bridesmaid's lifeless body. If that didn't spoil the wedding, surely seeing your old flame after many years of no contact would do the trick. This was...
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by: TVCastleAlways on यूट्यूब Full गढ़, महल Season 8 bloopers from the Season 8 DVD Boxset. All clips belong to गढ़, महल creators, writers and ABC.
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