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Kat was shocked. She stared at the mirror for a good five minutes. She swore she saw her फर get lighter, but she just thought to herself, 'It's just this eye, it's probably affecting my eyesight.' She stared. She was dead silent. The only sound was the टेलीविज़न in the other room. Drix had left with Zapnis. They needed to take care of something.

She could have made a sudden outburst. Any सेकंड now and- "AHH!" she shrieked, scaring the living daylights out of Ozzy. She felt something wet trickling down her arm. She saw the huge gash in her arm, which was gushing blood, but the blood was-...
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"Were germs" कहा one. "Do आप work for Thrax?" कहा Kat, getting ready to discharge. "No way! Chill out! We work for ourselves!" another germ said. Kat tried to get up and run, but she was tied to a pole.

"Hehe! This is gonna hurt आप और than it hurts me!" कहा the first germ. "Nah, I'm pretty sure that's the other way around!" Kat replied. She gnawed through the rope faster than lightning, and elecrocuted them all.

अगला thing she knew, she was running dow the road at high speed. The blue sports car came around the corner. "Kat, where the heck were-" Ozzy was cut off. "No time. Germs. Step...
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Kat heard music.

Windmill, windmill for the land, Learn together hand in hand...
Peacful dream. Peacful dream, that she was in a meadow, chewing on a bone.

"Kat, that's my foot your chewin' on." Ozzy said. "Oh, crap! I'm sorry!" she replied.

"You know how आप saw Zapnis yesterday?"
"Well Thrax kidnapped him."
"WHAT!?" she exclaimed. How was he gonna get wet willies now?
"He's makin' Zapnis tell him where आप are, and he's gonna kill him if he doesn't."
"Then who am I gonna give wet willies to?"
"Kat, listen to me! It has nothing to do with wet willies," Ozzy grabbed her, "this is about saving your cousin!"
"But will I-"
"Yes, आप can give him all the wet willies आप want once we save him!"

They searched for them the whole day, without luck. That night, Kat couln't wait to get to bed.

Later that night, Kat woke up, only to find germs, with dark masks on. "Who are you?" कहा Kat.
That night, Kat was running from Thrax. Then she realized she was going nowhere. Suddenly Thrax flew out of nowhere and grabbed her द्वारा the back of her neck. He held his glowing killer claw to her neck, saying he would slice her head right off and kill her instantly If she moved, breathing counted. She held her breath, but when she could hold it no longer, she was gasping for breath, "This will only hurt for a second, baby!" He raised his killer claw, ready to slice her head off and- "Kat! Wake up! Are आप alright!"

"Thrax! Don't!" she yelped. "You were screaming. आप must have had a nightmare!"...
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posted by jonapello123
The शीर्षक says it all. I प्यार cartoon network. It's as simple as that. Every दिखाना on before adult swim is great and for anyone that likes adult swim i am sorry. But I don't watch it. And again no hard feelings. But I just प्यार CARTOON NETWORK.
Here is a क्विज़ to see which Ed आप are:

1.You Mostly Like To Collect....
C.Other Stuff

2.For A Snack,You Usually Eat....
C.Junk खाना

3.You Like To Read....

4.The Kind Of फिल्में आप Like To Watch Are....

5.For Your Free Time,You Like To....
A.Sell Stuff
C.Watch TV

If आप mostly picked A,your Eddy!
If आप mostly picked B,your Double D!
If आप mostly picked C,your Ed!

Request me if आप want me to do another Cartoonetwork क्विज़ with a different show
 meh, no idea why I put this pic it's just cool
meh, no idea why I put this pic it's just cool
Dexlabs confrence room: दिन 1

" Ok so we're all decided right?" Gwen anounced as they finished plans. " Double D did आप get contact with Urban rangers yet?"
"they're on the way, me and Hoagie will meet up with them at the culdesac right now." Double D कहा racing out the confrence room door with numbuh two close behind him. " Hmmmmmm, Juniper आप better go with them to make sure they don't make things any worse."Gwen said, Juniper immeadiatly running out the door to follow them. " Ok, Bubbles, the proffesor's on his way right?"

Bubbles nodded a quick yes, standing अगला to DeeDee. " Ok, then...
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it, began.... as simple as it ended. No matter how the story goes, it's always told the same. Some still say the story is'nt real. Fusionfall never happend. It was all a dream. For most though, they're to scared to tell what happend, for fear of Fuse's bloody return. starting now I shall tell my recollections of that time, in a story I like to call..... Fusionfall: fight for the millenium. Who am I आप may ask? let's just say I was there at.....a bad time..... in the wrong type of place...... and ended up being one of the only things standing in fuses way.

Sector V: दिन 1

It seemed like a normal...
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Cartoon Network is considering developing original content as apps and games first rather than as TV shows, in an effort to create its own digital brands to rival the likes of Angry Birds.

"One of the things we are considering and talking about is how do we play in that digital अंतरिक्ष for original content?" कहा Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of parent company Turner's Animation, Young Adults and Kids division.

"I don't think everything has to be created as a show. Things can be developed as shorts, they can start as games, they can start as apps… That is the nature, more...
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