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posted by Poopla
I find this character extremly...
In all the films.
his कोट्स are always hilarius.
My fave quote is 'savvy' and 'i'm Captian Jack Sparrow' and 'No body move, I dropped my brain'
He has gorgeous cheekbones and eyes (ahhhhhhh) but i don't fancy him anymore although he still is gorgeous.
BRILLIANT ACTOR (johnny depp)
he should get 11 oscars for his brilliant performance as captain jack sparrow.
no one else can be jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I प्यार him (only as the character though, in real life, hes kinda wierd-looking (though his cheekbones and eyes are still as gorgeous as ever) and although i dont want any और pirates of the caribbean films, im gonna miss watching him in the cinema!
Poopla (by the way, that is not my name!!!)
Everything was darkness. Jack lay on the ground waiting for something to happen, anything. Where was he? perhaps he had gotten too drunk again and fallen in another barrel like last time. Gibbs would wake him up any मिनट now,although last time it had taken him hours to find him, and even और to get Jack back to the ship. That would explain the lack of breeze where he lay, but why was there no noise than? had he gone deaf? He tried to remember what he had done the night before...no, not the night,the day. It all hit Jack suddenly, Elizabeth, the handcuffs...the kraken.He sat up quickly and...
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 Was 'On Stranger Tides' The First & Only Adventure On The High Seas For Angelica?
Was 'On Stranger Tides' The First & Only Adventure On The High Seas For Angelica?
Walt डिज़्नी Pictures decided to swap Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – the fifth installment in the theme park ride-based movie franchise headlined द्वारा Johnny Depp as the slippery scallywag Jack Sparrow – out from the Summer 2015 lineup this week (right after the studio repositioned Marvel’s Ant-Man to takes its place), rather than rush the swashbuckling blockbuster down the assembly line as fast as conceivably possible.

The Dead Men Tell No Tales script is still being written द्वारा Jeff Nathanson (Rush घंटा 2 & 3), who took over from Pirates 1-4 co-writers Ted Elliott...
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Captain Jack Sparrow is hot and awesome (don't forget funny :D). Also if he were a real person, well I would just be so happy! There are many things that I think of Captain Jack Sparrow.
1. He is funny
2. His lines are hilarious
3. He's hot (as I कहा before)
4. He is totally awesome
5. He is an amazing pirate
Well those are most of the things I think about Captain Jack Sparrow. BTW I think he is the awesomest pirate that has ever been in the Caribbean. That is exactly what I think about Captain Jack Sparrow.
Captain Boots :D
posted by 130_Sparrow
Johnny Depp and his eyeliner didn’t have much to live up to, did they? I get that “ZAP” is integral to “zap action,” but I’m not certain that it’s the best sound effect for clashing swords. Though, to this product’s credit, the moving skeletons at least have और energy than static Aurora kits, and definitely और emotional range than Orlando Bloom.

I’m still a tad aghast that The Pirates of the Caribbean, which bored me just as much as The Country भालू Jamboree (yeah, swap in ”Bore” for “Bear”) during my childhood haj to डिज़्नी World, morphed into a mammoth film franchise. Shiver me timbers indeed.

द्वारा Jared M.