Captain America Captain America आइकन contest [Round 1] Captain America holding his shield [Open]

buffyl0v3r44 posted on Jul 31, 2011 at 11:17PM
I always see Icon contest on other spots and I also run Icon contests on other spots and thought we should start one here! If your unsure of how this works here are the rules-

1. A subject for the round is chosen.
- The subject can be whatever you want; a scene, 1+ character.

2. Everyone has 3 days to submit their icons on this forum.
- No stealing icons or you're out of the game.
- Don't use icons you've made in the past
- Icon should be the size 100x100 it doesn't have to be but it should be close to 100x100

3. A pick will go up for voting.
- There will be 2 days for voting
- Don't vote for yourself!!!
- Please keep your vote to yourself until the pick is posted.

4. The winner chooses the next subject and will also receive a prop for winning.
- If the winner doesn't pick a topic within a few days of winning, I'll pick the next subject.
- The winner is still allowed to compete in the next round.

Round 1- Captain America and his shield- [Open]
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Here's Mine!
 Here's Mine!