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 What a hottie (;
What a hottie (;
Cam Gigandet

D.O.B: 16th August, 1982
HOMETOWN: Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Cam Gigandet fell in प्यार with अभिनय straight after graduating from high school, when he attended अभिनय classes at a Californian community college. His first jobs consisted of small roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Young and the Restless before he landed his best known role on The OC.

Cam won an एमटीवी movie award for "Best Fight" in the film Never Back Down where yep, आप guessed it, he played the resident bad guy. Maybe that's why we're crushing on him so bad — there's something so attractive...
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posted by mollyx365
Tell us about your role in the film Twilight.
I am James. I am one of three of the bad vampires. I am a bad, bad vampire. Well, so everyone else thinks. I think I’m just misunderstood! My sole goal is to basically kill Bella, I guess, and revel in Edward’s pain as he watches it. It’s definitely related to Edward. I see what Edward has with her. He has love. He is everything that I am not and [has everything I] do not have, and Bella is directly related to that. And Bella, alone, even has something I don’t understand. It’s something that draws everyone to her. She has that something,...
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posted by vampfan
I hated the small town i lived in .it was 1500 i lived in england .I wanted to escape.Then one दिन या night it's very hard ot recall my human memories i was bitten द्वारा a creature of the damned.
Then a woman wearing pants must of being from the future या something she went into the church the priest called her a sinner and started ot choke her.
she called for help then i came.I killed the priest and saves her but she was moments from death so i decided ot turn her as what i was the taste of her blood was sweet as pie .She was very beautifl.Her light golden eyes never took off mine .
Then she...
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