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So i watched a few episodes of Grey's anatomy and i liked it and loved it. I watched every episode but after a while i didn't have time anymore because of school and stuff. When i started watching again Callie was with Erica and i am so sorry for the प्रशंसकों of them but Erica was not right for Callie! There was no chemistry and i just stopped watching because i hate erica
( sorry again )! It felt so wrong when they where together and i hated it !!! But a week पूर्व i saw a video of Callie and Arizona on यूट्यूब and that was it, that whas where i was waiting for !! They are so perfect for each other...
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posted by calzonaluv821
Callie and Arizona and their ADORABLE!!!!!!! baby sofia are the best part of greys anatomy, its not the only reason i watch bu its the most interesting. i think they make wonderful match and i think they are both really really pretty. i प्यार sara ramirez, and jessica capshaw their my idols!!!!!!:)im also really glad they got married it was ment to be i wuz दिल broken when callies mom left but at least they still got married i am really emothion but im glad that arizona got time to miss her bro. sofia, omg shes adorable she couldnt be cuter if she tried. i luv u callie and arizona and mark makes a great dad i havent seen arizona hold the baby but i think she still loves her.
posted by funkyshaz57
I have loved Arizona from the दिन I first saw her on the दिखाना and when her and Callie got together I was overjoyed - I truly believe they are a match made in heaven!!!! They are perfect in every way together and now they are विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up - I am disgusted and appalled at the fact that Callie just dumped Arizona like that - And I guarantee all that Callie will end up in बिस्तर with Mark soon enough - I now am officially disgusted with Grey's Anatomy for ruining a fantastic couple - I will no longer be watching it at all!!!

Shame on आप Shonda and Grey's Writers and Crew - आप just ruined what was a fantastic loving wonderully happy relationship with no doubt to lump us with something ridiculous and crude like Callie and Mark!!!!!!!!!!