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Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh.
Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh.
Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh.

Make it count,
Play it straight.
Don't look back,
Don't hesitate.
When आप go big time.

Whatcha know,
Whatcha feel.
Never quit,
And make it real.
When आप roll big time.

Hey! [Ohhhh] Hey! [Ohhhhh]
Listen to your दिल now!
Hey! [Ohhhh] Hey! [Ohhhhh]
Don't आप feel the rush?
Hey! [Ohhhh] Hey! [Ohhhhh]
Better take your shot now.

Ohhhh Ohhhhh.
Ohhhh Ohhhhh.

Cmon shake it up!
Whatcha gotta lose?
Go and make your luck with the life आप choose,
If आप want it all,
Lay it on the line.
It's the only life ya got,
So ya gotta live it big time.

Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh....
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अगला saturday at 9:00 a.m big time auditoin is दिखा रहा है on nicktoons.its about four best फ्रेंड्स playing hockey in minasota and gustavo comes to minesota to find the अगला big thing and the boys are watching tv and the tv कहा do आप want to be famous and their like yah and they auditouned but gustovo doesnt like james logan या carlos so kendall claims gustovo is a giant turd and gustovos like हे blonde hair tall eyebrows do आप want to become famous kendall कहा only if james logan and carlos could come and gustovo at first कहा no but he changed his mind and all four became famous.
big time rush meets the vampire diaries is the vampire diaries with big time rush chacters in.
the frist episode will be coming though the week.
i dont have a name for it yet so plz commet and i will pick the best one.
good luck.

here are the charcters names and a bit about them.

Kendall Knight-is the new student at high school.

Logan Knight-is also the new guy in town with Kendall.

Katie Diamond-the girl whos parentd died and has to live wuth there aunt.

Beth Basford-Katies best friend.

Lexie Roe-the other friend that आप are फ्रेंड्स on and off with.

James Diamond-the brother of Katie and will not get over his parents.